Do you know why sleep position matters a lot?

sleeping position

Everyone desires a good sleep! But do you know that the sleeping position matters a lot when it comes to the quality of your sleep?

Every person is born and adapts to a particular way of sleeping, which is either sleeping on the back, on the stomach or sideways. Often, a person adopts style he or she is relaxing.

Below are some favorite sleeping positions and implications:

1. Back sleeping

Most experts have given their views in support of sleeping on your back to the best of sleeping positions. That allows your body to stretch freely. It also reduces strains on delicate body organs as most of the body weight remains restful on supportive body tissues.

That is why back sleeping is highly recommended as it reduces the pressure on the already tired body. Sleeping is meant for resting and back sleeping is the ideal resting position.

However, back sleeping has one limitation; snoring. If you already are a little back sleeping is most likely to trigger that effect. In case you have a louder snore consult your doctor on sleep study and examination of apnea – a sleeping disorder usually associated with breathing difficulties

2. Sleeping on your side

The most spine-friendly position is side sleeping it keeps it elongated and straight. Have you been waking up with intense back and neck pains?

Don’t see a doctor yet, try sleeping on your side. This position also opens your airways preventing you from snoring and difficulties of breathing if you have apnea disorders. In case you experience acid reflux, sleep on your side. This way you will prevent acid from coming up. You will experience useful results when you sleep on your left-hand side.

If your stomach stays below the gullet, the acid remains in the stomach. That is the most comfortable position for you if you are pregnant and wish to have pleasant breath with no backache. That feels more comfortable if you choose to put a pillow between your legs. It also increases blood flow nourishing your baby during the pregnancy period.

3. The fetal position

Your acid reflux and snoring just got sorted by this position. This position is prevalent among babies or generally small children. Your spine experiences minimal stress while asleep. That is because your torso and legs are bent reducing the pressure. The only problem with this position is that the area becomes tough if you have spinal stenosis or arthritic hips. It is also associated with stiffness and sore feeling in the morning.

sleeping position

However, you can reduce this by putting a pillow between your knees. If sleeping on your side is your favorite position then your pad becomes very important. The pillow you choose should be able to support your head in a central location hence reducing stress on the neck. Your bed pillow should be good enough to support head and neck.

Please note that the support pillow should not be for the shoulders but your neck and head. You also need to position your head and neck well on the bedding pillow, lest you wake up with neck pain and stiffness. You can have the best of sleeping pillows but get the worst of experiences sleeping because you don’t know how to use it.

4. Sleeping on your stomach

In normal circumstances, you would advise your patient to choose what seems right for them. However, sleeping on your stomach, inserts a lot of pressure on your neck and back. You won’t breathe well until you turn your neck sideways.

Shoulder muscles stiffness and a sore throat are most likely to be your morning ordeal. Waking up with lumber (lower) pain is mostly associated with this position. Your lungs, digestive system and even your heart all suffer pressure from how you sleep. If you snore, the sleep position is set to amplify the sound.

In case you are a stomach sleeping addict – because this is possible, try altering your habits. Adopt sideways sleeping to start with during sleep time. Always keep a pillow at your abdomen. That prevents you from sliding back onto your stomach.

5. Combination sleepers

Many of us who sleep in multiple positions like side, back or stomach. And that actually happened on your subconscious mind when you are getting different posture pain.

Most of the time a combination sleeper use multiple pillows to get comfortable. And that’s why specialist recommended using a combination sleeper pillow. It provides great support for all kinds of sleepers and maintains a good posture, to get proper spinal alignment while sleeping.

sleeping position

In conclusion, your sleeping position is essential for waking up emotionally significant, but other factors come into play. Your neck and head need to be aligned as you sleep, only the best pillow can do this. There does not exist a specific good pillow, but every sleeping position requires a pillow that will support it adequately.

Your favorite sleeping position should match your choice of pillow. Sleeping is not just reducing sleep, but the quality of resting that enables your body to function optimally in the next day.

Written by Ashley Grace

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