How to Tune A Lawn Mower Carburetor



You can get a mower with a smooth running engine by ensuring that the carburetor of your engine is well adjusted and clean. The linkages of the carburetor must also be kept clean. You must inspect the air filter from time to time to ensure clean air flows into the carburetor, and the carburetor stays free of debris. If the , it will emit black smoke through the exhaust.

Cleaning, tuning and adjusting carburetors with small engines

Maintaining your carburetor will help you to save some money and issues while mowing your lawn. Maximum problems in carburetor are caused by different types of blockages caused by varnish, dust and dirt and gasoline deposits. The main fuel jets also gets blocked too often, but you can fix it quite easily. You can save yourself from facing problems in the future by taking good care of the carburetor more frequently.

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Things required for the tuning process are as follows:

  • Screwdriver
  • New air filter
  • Carburetor cleaner
  • Engine oil
  • Gloves
  • New spark plug


Steps to tune a lawn mower

  • Your first step will be to replace the air filter

You must replace the air filter at least once a year. As clean air enters the engine after passing the air filter the engine performs smoothly. You must remove the screws to reach the air filter. You can then use a small brush to clean the dry grass and other debris before replacing the old filter with the new one.

  • Disconnect the spark plug and remove it

Different lawn mower models have different locations for the spark plug. You can easily spot the plug and also access it. The spark plug is white and is placed at the end of a white tube. You must use the proper gadget that is a plug socket to unscrew the spark plug from the engine.

  • You must drain the used oil

Remove the cap on the oil tank and tilt the machine on one side so that the oil drains out easily into a container. You must keep the mower in this position for something to allow the oil to drain out completely. You can move to the next step for tuning while the oil keeps draining.

  • You must then remove the blade of your mower

You must sharpen the blades frequently so that you can cut the grass without any hassle. To mow the land smoothly, you should grind the blade at least once a year. A proper blade will provide you with a healthier lawn than a blunt blade of your mower.

You must disconnect the spark plug before removing the blades. You must first loosen the screws and then carefully remove the blades without harming yourself. You must wear your gloves all the while until your tuning work is over. You can use a wrench to remove the bolts that are used to hold the blade in place in your mower.

  • You must remove the blade and then sharpen it

You can use a grinder or a Dremel to sharpen the blade of your mower. Even sandpaper will do the work.

  • Place the new Spark Plug in place

You must thread in the new spark plug and install it in the appropriate place. Then use a plug socket or a wrench to tighten it.

  • Pour fresh oil into the oil tank

You must fill in fresh oil and make sure you pour it in the right compartment or tank.


You can do this tuning work during the mowing season. You can drain out the oil and gas and keep it packed when not in use, especially in winters.

Written by Ashley Grace

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