Can Beer Give You a Big Beer Belly?

Beer belly is associated with beer because of its calorie content. Beer is made from grains and fermented with yeast. Hoops are added to give flavor to beer and cut down the sweetness of grains. In some types of beer spices and herbs are also added.

Beer is made in a five-step method called malting, mashing, boiling, fermenting and bottling.

Nutritional Facts of Beer:


The calorie content in beer depends on its alcohol content, the more the strength of beer the more is the calories. Do you know about the number of calories in white wine and calories in red wine?

Causes of Beer Belly:


Calories can come from anywhere like overeating, wrong eating habits or consuming fatty foods and sugary beverages all the time. However, alcohol is associated with fat in mid-section. According to endocrine expert Michael Jensen when you consume alcohol the liver burns alcohol instead of fats.

Generally, a beer has 150 calories, and if you tend to go overboard of drinking beer, then big belly or beer belly is inevitable. And you consume fatty food along with drinking beer even that could be the cause of belly fat. So obviously you need to know how to get rid of belly fat?

Herein are the different ways by which beer can cause a belly fat:

Beer Contains Phytoestrogens:


Hop plant is used to give beer its distinctive bitter flavor. The hop plant is rich in phytoestrogen this might produce hormonal changes in men and enhance the chances of a beer belly. However, the phytoestrogen fact is not supported by any studies or research. White Wine Benefits are many.

Watch this video to know that can beer really gives you beer belly

Beer Increases Calorie Intake:


Alcohol in itself has calories, and studies and research suggest that consumption of alcohol can enhance your short-term appetite. This makes you eat more food than you actually eat. When you drink beer regularly and eat more food, you automatically gain weight and get a big belly or beer belly.

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Beer May Hamper With Fat Burning Process:


Beer or any kind of alcohol consumption hampers with the process of fat burning because your body tends to break down the fats of alcohol and not food or stored fats. Therefore drinking beer regularly is considered to increase the body fat. Research and studies have found out that if you drink beer in moderate amount even on regular basis, it won’t give you big belly or beer belly.

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Men Have Higher Chances of Gaining Beer Belly:


Generally, men have the tendency to add fats on the midsection and they drink more alcohol than women. A study suggests that men drink three times more alcohol than women. Alcohol consumption lowers the levels of testosterone in men who can cause beer belly.

A Beer drinker all around the world have chances of contracting beer belly and is more prominent in old men’s.

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Reasons Behind Belly Fat:


When the calorie content exceeds the required amount, it is stored in your body as fat. The fat gets accumulated in the section of your body according to your age, hormones, and sex. Women have subcutaneous fat more than men, therefore in women, the fats get deposited in their thighs, arms, buttocks, and belly. Comparatively, men have less subcutaneous fat, so their extra fats get deposited in bellies, hence beer belly.

Why Beer Belly is Bad for Health:


Belly fat brings with it lots of diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and type two diabetes. It is quite dangerous to have visceral fat in the abdominal cavity which is surrounding your organs.

The circumference of the waist increases in men or women is directly associated with healthy living and mortality. Have fruits, it will take care of your heart. Pomelo fruit is one of them.

It is Essential to Lose Beer Belly:


It is so important to cut down the calories intake in your day-to-day diet and increase the physical activity. Alcohol has a huge amount of calories, so it is advisable to drink less amount of alcohol.

Beer lovers may switch to light beers and cut down on their number of drinks. You can also train your taste buds to drink some non-alcoholic herbal concoctions. Another option is to have a healthy meal after with your drink.

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Exercise can Definitely Help to Cut Beer Belly:


After looking after your beer consumption and eating healthy, doing exercise on regular basis is equally important. Exercise such as crunches and sit-ups will make your core muscles strong, and to lose weight swimming, cycling and running etc is helpful.

It is actually easier to lose beer belly because visceral fat is more active and easier to break down. Therefore when to lose weight your belly is the part which will have the effect sooner.

Written by Ashley Grace

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