How to Know the Symptoms of Sunburn?

Check out the symptoms of sunburn.

Yes, it is true that the sun provides us vitamin which is beneficial for our health. But to get those vitamins if you are spending most of your time under sunlight, then it can harm or burn your skin. Direct exposure to the sun can be dangerous so before sun exposure apply sunscreen. Although, many times we have been given warnings about the sun damage. Still, most of us are subject to it. Many surveys were conducted to find that how many people are suffering from sunburn and the results were shocking as 70%, of children and one-third of adults were a victim of sunburn. It’s better to take precautions than to suffer and take long treatments.

There are various symptoms of sunburn: –



The infection which sunburns cause leads to illness. It is usually associated with the physical discomfort. It is not a matter of worry, fever just waking you before you cause any dangerous infection. Do you know how long does sunburn hurt?



Nausea is one of the traditional symptoms of sunburn. It is an uneasiness of the stomach that often comes before vomiting.

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It is caused after the severe sunburns, and they can cause severe pain. It appears after few hours of sunburn. The pain typically decreases after 48 hours and can take a week to heal. Look for how long do sun blisters last



More exposure to the sun can cause sunburn, and that can lead to dehydration. The body loses the water from your body thus leads you to moderate, mild or severe dehydration.



If you are a sufferer of sunburn, then you might feel dizziness. People usually feel unsteadiness in their head. Various sunburn remedies can be used to heal them.



The rash is one of the universal sign of sunburn. You may experience redness or itchy after the sunburn. The rash is a symbol of allergic reaction which is caused because of sunburn. It is also known as photodermatitis. You can consider using coconut oil for sunburn to treat these rashes.



Swelling may be caused because the inflammatory reaction as the skin tries to cure. Look for How to Heal a Sunburn?



The sunburn affected reason to become so hard that it causes fatigue and suffering. Initially, the pain is severe but with time as it starts healing pain reduces. How to get rid of sunburn fast?



The rays of the sun are so massive that even if you are coming in direct contact with the sun it can cause you a headache and if it’s because of sunburn then it can make you suffer more.



The redness is the most common symptom of sunburn. As soon as you realize that you are trapped by sunburn, you will note redness in the affected area. The sunburn redness lasts for around two to six hours after the sun exposure.

The entire above mentioned are the common symptoms of the sunburn. If sunburn occupies a large part of your body, then you must visit to doctor as soon as possible. You will notice the symptoms of sunburn within few hours after sun exposure. To understand the severity of your sunburn, you may take a day. The sunburn takes the time to heal and also depends on the type of sunburn. There are two or three common types of sunburn such as mild sunburn, moderate sunburn, and severe sunburn. All the three last for a particular period and then the affected part gradually starts healing.

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