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How To Choose The Right E-Liquid For You?

If you’ve just started vaping, you probably know that you need to choose your vaping gear first. Hence, you need to decide which vape is the right for you out of all the types of vape pens sold on the market. Additionally, you need to choose an e-liquid to use with your vape device.

Due to the immense interest in vaping, there is a big choice of e-liquids on the market. Moreover, there are many different flavors and nicotine levels to choose from. Which one you choose depends on your preferences.

But, if you are a first-time vaper, this might sound a bit difficult. But, it’s not. There are 3 things you should consider before you decide which e-liquid to buy. So, let’s have a look at them.



This is the first thing people think of when choosing an e-liquid. Although it’s not the only factor, it is important for making the right choice. Since you will be the one vaping the e-liquid, you should choose a flavor you like or would like to try.

There’s a wide variety of flavors available on the market. For example, there are e-liquids with peppermint, tobacco, coffee, menthol, candy crash, and lemon tart flavor. Moreover, you can also find e-liquids with exotic flavors, including fruits, cocktails, and food flavors.

If you start vaping to quit smoking, it would be a good idea to choose a tobacco flavor that matches your brand of cigarettes. But, if you haven’t smoked before, then you should choose a milder flavor that is not too strong. Hence, it could be a fruit or a food flavor you like.

E-Liquid Types

This is something people usually forget. But, it’s something very important to consider when choosing an e-liquid. It’s because your vaping experience depends on it.

Every e-liquid is made of 95% basic ingredient and 5% of flavorings and nicotine (optional). There are two possible basic ingredients, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerol (VG). Hence, an e-liquid can be made either of one of them or a combination of them both.

In order to choose the right type for you, first, you need to know what they are. Propylene glycol (PG) is a petroleum by-product that is found many everyday items, such as, makeup, shampoo, lotion, and baby wipes. Vegetable glycerin (VG), on the other hand, is derived from vegetable oil, and it’s found in foods, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, etc.

Additionally, you need to know the differences between them in terms of vaping. The first difference is in the vapor production and the flavor quality. Namely, PG usually produces less vapor, but better flavor. On the other, VG produces much more vapor and intense flavor.

PG is used for getting a strong “throat hit”. That makes it suitable for Mouth-To-Lung (MLT) smokers that use MTL vape devices. VG, on the other hand, is used for a smoother vaping experience. Hence, it’s suitable for Direct Lung (DL) smokers that use DL vape devices.

Actually, most e-liquids use a combination of both ingredients. They usually use a 40/60 or 50/50 PG/VG ratio for great vapor production and flavor. So, you can choose this option if you find it hard to decide upon the basic ingredient. However, if you are a smoker, you should choose an e-liquid with higher RG concentration to make the transition smoother.


Nicotine Level

When choosing the right e-liquid for you, you should also consider the nicotine level. If you are a smoker, you should choose an e-liquid with a similar or a bit lower nicotine level compared to your current one. It will help you have a smoother transition.

Namely, if your nicotine level is too low, it won’t be satisfying. For example, if you used to smoke a regular strength cigarette, i.e. 16mg nicotine, and you choose an e-liquid with 8mg nicotine, you might start vaping more to compensate for the lack of nicotine.

On the other hand, if the nicotine level is too high, it may be too strong for you. For example, if you smoke a light tobacco cigarette and you choose an e-liquid with 36mg nicotine, you will consume more nicotine than you used to. As a result of the higher nicotine level, you might feel dizzy.

Therefore, when you find the right level your cravings for nicotine will be satisfied and you will feel relaxed. Moreover, you won’t need to vape more often than you smoked, which means that you will consume less nicotine. Gradually, you will lower the nicotine level until you stop consuming nicotine.

When choosing an e-liquid, it’s very important to know which flavor you want, what base ingredient it uses, and which nicotine level you need. Therefore, when deciding upon the e-liquid, you should also consider the type of smoker you are. Knowing these things will definitely help you find the right e-liquid for you and your vape device.

Written by Ashley Grace

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