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6 CBD Oil Uses and Its Effects on Skin Care

If you live in a place where CBD is legal, odds are pretty good that you see the product everywhere. There’s good reason for this, as some scientific evidence has found CBD to be very beneficial in addressing a variety of illnesses. That’s why the CBD industry is expected to make $22 billion within the next three years and why 1 in 7 Americans have tried using the product. With popularity like this, it’s no wonder that so many are buying CBD from retailers such as EZlief.

But, since CBD is so new, many questions remain about how CBD can help them. There are many potential ways which this can be done, and one example is skin care. To that end, here are 6 ways which CBD can help with skin care.

Reduce Inflammation

If some studies which have already been conducted are proven to be correct, one of CBD’s biggest benefits is its inflammation reduction. This, of course, can not only make skin look better, but reduce irritation and pain.

While CBD works in many forms, some of the best way to reduce skin inflammation may be via the topical application of CBD product via balms, creams and lotions. This allows for CBD to be applied directly to the effected area.

It’s interesting to note that this inflammation reduction is not just limited to reducing inflammation of the skin. CBD may also have pain relieving properties, which come largely from its ability to reduce inflammation, swelling and associated pain. There is even some evidence that CBD reduces brain swelling, which may explain its ability to reduce symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Reduce Acne

Another of CBD’s benefits may be its ability to reduce acne. This may occur via multiple pathways. First, as noted above, CBD can reduce inflammation, thus preventing the activation of cytokines, which can lead to acne.  Additionally, CBD appears to have the ability to reduce the body’s creation of sebum, a type of oil created by the body. Acne occurs when pours are clogged with oil and other skin debris, and CBD can reduce the production of this type of oil, thus leading to clearer skin. Additionally, CBD helps to clean the skin in general.

Reduce Scarring

The same process by which CBD reduces acne may also help in reducing the appearing of scars and acne related scars. This is because CBD may be able to accelerate your body’s natural healing properties, resulting in increased collegian production. This, in turn, leads to quicker healing of scars. Furthermore, by reducing inflammation and sebum production, CBD can accelerate the healing of old acne scars from acne which occurred years ago.

Treating Skin Disorders

CBD’s purported natural healing properties also appear to be helpful in reducing the pain and appearance of unsightly skin disorders. Again, this is tied to CBD’s ability to reduce inflammation, irritation and skin redness.

For example, according to the National Eczema Association, CBD oil can help reduce the itching and redness which is associated with eczema, the Association notes that further study is needed in order to get a better understanding of how this relief occurs. One theory holds that CBD also has anti-microbial impacts, thus lessening the bacteria which causes eczema.

Meanwhile, according to an article from the Miami Hearld, there have been relatively few studies which examine the impact of CBD on rosacea, but CBD can reduce redness caused by inflammation. Furthermore, available research and anecdotal stories indicate that CBD may be helpful in reducing rosacea flair ups.

When it comes to psoriasis, an article from the National Psoriasis Foundation found anecdotal evidence for high-potency CBD, and noted that a 2007 study found that CBD can potentially help stop the overgrowth of cells, one of the leading causes of psoriasis.

Clean Skin

CBD can potentially help to clean the skin better than a normal moisturizer or cleaning agent can. This is because of CBDs anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities, which can help to kill bacteria, stop the overproduction of oil and leave skin feeling silky and smooth. Additionally, CBD is a highly versatile product and can be easily combined with other products that are good for the skin. As a result, its usefulness can be leveraged with other products that have proven success when it comes to skin care.

Moisturize Skin & Reduce Excess Oil

CBD is also a very good moisturizer and can also reduce excess oil. These may seem like contradictions, but it should be noted that CBD works by enhancing your body’s Endocannabinoid System, or ECS. One of the primary functions of the ECS is to keep your body in a state of homeostasis in a variety of areas. As such, products which treat the ECS – like CBD – can help your body maintain ideal levels in a variety of respects, including skin moisture.

CBD does have some negative side effects with certain drugs and illnesses, so it’s always worth checking with a medical professional before consuming it. Furthermore, additional research is needed to better understand the mechanisms by which CBD work and areas where it works best.

That being said, initial research has been highly promising. CBD may hold the key to maintaining healthy skin and addressing a variety of skin ailments.

Written by Ashley Grace

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