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Why buying wine online is the answer

Buying wine is something that most people do from time-to-time. Even people who are not particularly big fans of the drink tend to keep a bottle or two around the house to offer friends who pop past. Wine can be bought in many places – from the very farm where it is produced, in bottle stores, supermarkets, duty-free stores or at bars and restaurants. Despite all these options, possibly the best place to purchase wine is online – and here is why.

Spoiled for choice

Online wine sales allow for the aggregation of multiple brands and cultivars all in one place. It is so easy. Unlike buying at the vineyard where the wine is produced, where you tend to get very good prices, if you buy wine online Australia Reds will be available with French whites, South African Pinotages or Portuguese dessert wines. It can all be found in one place, and even better, the sales interface will be able to recommend choices for you, based on what you have bought previously. It is a journey through the Winelands of the world and you never actually leave your couch.

Read the reviews

Buying wine at a vineyard is about a day out. Buying it ay the supermarket or bottle store is about convenience. Buying it online is about research. The online space affords you the opportunity to read reviews on a host of options and to pick the ones that appeal most to you. There are no queues to contend with or over-busy sommeliers. It is just you, your laptop and the thought of good wine in the future. And there really is the chance to find bargains and hidden gems that you would never discover just popping in at the bottle store.

Delivery is a breeze

Picking up a bottle or two at the supermarket is easy, but if you are looking for larger quantities it can be a real chore having to lug cases to the car and then onside once you have returned home. But it is not just that, you can have your purchases distributed to a range of different locations which makes for a great solution if you are gifting wine. You can log in from anywhere in the world and place an order. It can be delivered to friends or loved ones on the opposite side of the country or on a different continent. Most online retailers will offer cards and gift wrapping as part of the service. So simple and easy.

Any time shopping

This is something that applies to all online shopping, not just buying wine. It is such a joy to be able to shop in a crowd-free environment and in your own time. You can work a full day, come home and bond with the kids and then, once they are asleep in bed you can do a spot of shopping while watching some television. It can even be a bonding activity for you and your partner – picking the wines for your next dinner party or romantic date night. What could be more idyll?

Written by Ashley Grace

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