Almond Milk Benefits which make it such a Healthy Drink

Almond milk is used as a substitute for dairy milk and is easily available in the market. For vegans who do not use dairy products, almond milk is a great option. It is also a good alternative as a mother’s milk. The almond milk benefits are many such as it helps to form strong bones and muscles, it aids to lose weight, is good for heart and kidneys etc.

Almond milk nutrition:

Calories in almond milk are pretty low and it is a rich source of protein and fiber. It contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, iron and zinc. It also contains vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamin, folate, niacin, vitamin C and vitamin E. Not only almond milk, almonds oil also has many amazing benefits.

Herein is the Almond Milk Benefits:

Almond Milk Benefits- Skin health:


Almond milk contains vitamin E which is an important ingredient to maintain skin health. It also contains antioxidants which fight against free radicals and prevent the skin from premature aging. It has all the nutrients to keep your skin flawless and radiant. You can use almond milk as a natural cleanser. Just add few drops of rose water in one teaspoon of almond milk, mix properly and use it as a cleanser. You must also look for benefits of green tea for skin, cinnamon benefits for skin, apple cider vinegar benefits for skin, almond oil for skin, coconut oil for skin, olive oil for skin, and avocado oil for skin.

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Almond Milk Benefits- Maintains weight:


Calories in this milk are low and also when you are dieting your body also needs healthy fats, which almond milk provides with other many health benefits. It does not affect your blood sugar but gives you the energy to fulfill your duties and keep you physically fit. Other than almond milk, coconut oil for weight loss, cinnamon benefits weight loss and also watermelon benefits weight loss. Do you know about different essential oils for weight loss?

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Watch this video to know the health benefits of Almond Milk:

Almond Milk Benefits- Builds strong muscles:


Muscle building requires minerals and vitamins and a good amount of protein. Almond milk contains riboflavin that works in conjunction with nutrients such as iron and helps to accelerate your muscle growth and makes it strong.

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Almond Milk Benefits- Good for heart health:


Almond milk contains potassium that aids as a vasodilator and minimizes the strain and stress on the heart. Almond lacks cholesterol completely which is a root cause of heart disease. Research and studies suggest that regularly drinking this milk can be helpful to decrease the chances of coronary heart diseases. Pomelo fruit also takes care of your heart.

Almond Milk Benefits- Improves eyes health:


In our day to day life, the work of eyes have increased tremendously whether working on a computer or using smartphones, this lifestyle gives pressure to eyes. Therefore, it is essential to consume food which nourishes the eyes. Almond milk contains vitamin A that is good for eye health.

Almond Milk Benefits- Bones health:


Almond milk is a high source of calcium that is essential to form and maintain healthy teeth and bones. The role of calcium is to relax the muscles and maintain the normal heartbeat and for blood clotting. Drinking it regularly supplies enough calcium to the body and helps to maintain bones and keep it healthy and strong. It drastically decreases the chances of osteoporosis. One cup of almond milk is equivalent to 30 percent of our daily requirement of calcium.

Almond Milk Benefits- Reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease:


Technically there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, but by eating proper food you can reduce the symptoms. This milk contains vitamin E which is helpful to slow the process of degeneration which occurs in this disease. Garlic clove benefits also help in treating this disease.

Almond Milk Benefits- Boost the immune system:


It consists of vitamins and minerals that are used to maintain and boost your immune system. When your immunity system is strong you are safe from all kinds of infections and your defense mechanism is strong and healthy.

Method to make almond milk at home:

Take one cup of almonds, put in a bowl pour water till the almonds are soaked completely. Keep aside overnight in a warm place You can also keep almonds soaked for a longer time, in fact, it will give a creamier texture when are soaked for a longer duration.

Then take out the almonds from the bowl and wash them thoroughly. Now put the almonds in a blender and pour two cups of water and blend at high speed. Blend till the water is white and almonds are a fine meal.

Now strain the almonds with the help of cheesecloth or any light material cloth. Press and squeeze the cloth to take out as much milk as possible. You will get two cups of almond milk out of one cup of almonds. You set the consistency according to your choice, if you want thick consistency put less water and if you want the watery consistency to add more water. You can store almond milk in the refrigerator for two days. The leftover almond meal can be used in any kind of baked dish sweet or savory and also can be used in smoothies.

Word of caution:

Make sure you do not have the nut allergy. Almonds contain oxalate which can cause kidney stones, so when you give your children almond milk give in moderation.

Written by Ashley Grace

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