How to Get Long Hair in a Week?

Every girl wants that her hair is black, long and thick. While having good hair shines your personality, there is a great help in enhancing the beauty of our body. Therefore it is very important to give them plenty of nourishment to make your hair healthy, soft and shiny.However, nowadays, many products are available in the market to care for our hair, but along with being expensive, they contain chemicals that can damage the hair. Today we are going to tell you some home remedies of How to get long hair in a week that will make your hair naturally black, long and dense and no damage to hair.

How to get long hair in a week?

Following are the home remedies of How to get long hair in a week-



it is one of the best solutions of How to get long hair in a week.You may have seen onions as a vegetable often, but you would be surprised to know that by using onion you can prevent falling of hair. Onion juice removes all hair problems and nourishes hair. Onion protects against hair loss and protects them from being brown. Onion juice has a bacterial property which can prevent head infection, which prevents hair from being diluted.



Amla is very beneficial for hair. Due to the presence of nutrients such as carotenoid in amla, it helps to increase hair growth. If your hair is not black then mixing amla powder and soap-nut (Reetha) will make your hair black. By applying the gooseberry juice once a week, the hair starts growing rapidly. Not only amla but, amla oil benefits are also numerous.



Eggs contain abundant proteins, selenium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, sulfur and iodine, which protect your hair from falling. Nutrients present in the egg are also beneficial for hair. These nutrients help in lengthening the hair too. Do you know about the substitute for eggs?

Watch this video to know how to grow hairs fast naturally:

Aloe Vera and Honey


Aloe vera and honey are considered a boon for hair. Aloe vera contains vitamins, selenium, and many other types of nutritious elements that relieve hair from dandruff. Mixing aloe vera gel and honey with equal amounts and putting it in the hair, gives you the hair healthy, strong and long. Benefits of aloe vera juice are also commendable.



Henna works as a natural conditioner for hair. Applying the half cup of curd in a cup of henna powder gives the stronger hair roots and thick hairs.



Potatoes are always seen as the vegetable. Along with eating potatoes, it also helps in increasing hair faster. If the potatoes are applied for about 20 minutes on a scalp before bath, it will help to make your hair long and strong.



Because of the high levels of silicon and sulfur in cucumber, the hair starts growing rapidly due to its use. For this, wash your hair with cucumber juice or mix cucumbers, carrots, and spinach with all the juice and drink them. Hair increases by this. Other than hair growth, benefits of cucumber water are many.

Juice of the Lime


Lemon juice also helps us deal with the problem of hair. For this, you add a little almond paste of almond juice to two teaspoons of lemon juice and apply it to the hair. Not only Lemon water does a lot for hair growth but lemon tea also has many benefits for our body. You can look for some lemon tea recipes for the same.

Coconut and Olive Oil


Put one tablespoon of coconut oil for hair and olive oil for hair and head at least three times a week. This will relieve hair loss and helps to grow about 10 cm of the hairs in the week.

Be Tension Free 


Mental stress has become part of our life, but keep in mind that your daily stress does not affect your hair. If the level of stress in your lifestyle is high, then try to meditate. Work regularly so that you can stay mentally healthy. You can also take yoga classes to end stress.

Hopefully, the above-given steps have given you the answer of How to get long hair in a week?

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