Benefits of Lemon Tea which make it a great Beverage

If we talk about lemon tea then, it is the black tea added with lime juice so as to provide a unique flavor. It can also be termed as hot tea with sugar and lemon water. Benefits of lemon tea are many.

This lemon tea can be made spicy by adding hot tea with lemon juice, sugar, black salt and roasted cumin seed powder. This spicy lemon tea is termed as masala lemon tea. For providing good taste, it is necessary to add lemon juice in right quantity in it. There are so many benefits of lemon tea. Now, we will discuss the benefits of lemon tea below-

Prevent The Growth Of Cancerous Cells


Strong antioxidant properties are entailed by both lemon and tea. These antioxidants include Vitamin C in lemon and polyphenols in tea. These antioxidants are helpful in preventing damage to healthy cells. It is also helpful in promoting the death of unhealthy cells. They are the best solutions for preventing the growth of cancerous cells. The chances of skin cancer can be reduced by anti-cancer properties of lemon tea. We cannot be trapped in the danger of stomach, colon, mouth, breast, lung and mouth cancers due to the presence of compounds known as limonoids (in abundance) in lemon. Therefore, among the benefits of lemon tea, preventing the growth of cancerous cells is one of them. You must also look at the benefits of green tea for skin and the benefits of turmeric tea.

Boosting Up Of Immune System


If we count the benefits of lemon tea then, boosting up of the immune system is one of them. We can boost our immune system by an easy and cheap way to which we call lemon tea. Lemon tea provides proper nutrients to the body. The ability of the body to fight against infection can be increased by it. It is helpful in treating allergies, asthma or any respiratory problems due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also fruitful for the patient of arthritis. Pomelo fruit and benefits of cranberry juice also enhance our immunity.

Aids Digestion


The composition of natural digestive juices of body, saliva, and lemon is same which is helpful for digesting our food. The flushing out of toxins becomes easy for our body by the production of acids by lemon which promotes overall cleansing of the body. Various nutrients and antioxidants are provided by the lemon at the time of cleaning the waste materials from the body. These nutrients and antioxidants include potassium, Vitamin C, iron, B-complex vitamins and calcium etc. Therefore, to provide aid in digestion is a part of benefits of lemon tea.

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Balancing The pH Levels


Balancing the pH level is included in benefits of lemon tea. It is necessary for our body to have balanced or alkaline pH levels for keeping it healthy and free from diseases. The pH levels become acidic in case if it is not balanced. As a result, we can suffer from infections, For instance, uric acid in the joints. The imbalance of our pH level is the cause of pain and inflammation. We can have good health by maintaining the healthy balance of pH levels. Therefore, lemon tea is helpful in balancing our pH levels.

Check this video to know health benefits of drinking lemon tea:

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Clears The Skin


Each and every person in this world wants to improve the look of the skin. Vitamin C produced by lemon is good for our skin. The firmness and strength of the skin are maintained by the growth of blood vessels and new cells. This growth is promoted by a protein called collagen which is the production of Vitamin C present in lemon. Scar tissue and ligaments are also created by Vitamin C. It is helpful in repairing the skin. Vitamin C provides the vibrant glow to our skin. Scar tissue and ligaments are also created by Vitamin C. It is helpful in repairing the skin. Vitamin C provides the vibrant glow to our skin. Therefore, lemon tea is good for the health of our skin. Not only lemon tea but benefits for green tea for skin, cinnamon benefits for skin, apple cider vinegar benefits for skin.

Blood Sugar Control


Inadequate production of insulin and inability to use insulin properly leads to high blood sugar. Blood sugar levels are affected by enzymes. The functions of these enzymes can be modified by a compound called Hesperidin, present in lemon. Therefore, lemon tea is helpful in averting the diabetes complications for the person having high blood sugar. In other words, we can control the blood sugar by drinking lemon tea. We can also lower down the levels of cholesterol by the compound of hesperidin present in lemon.

Thus, we have discussed the benefits of lemon tea in the above written. We can become healthy in every aspect by drinking it. Our body gets protected from many diseases by the intake of lemon tea.

Written by Ashley Grace

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