Benefits of Tea that we bet you were not aware of

Benefits of Tea

The great refreshment for our body is tea. We use to have tea daily in the morning for getting fresh. It can be served in front of guests. It is consumed widely all over the world. Its origin took place in Southwest China. The tea production of the world in 2003 was 3.21 million tonnes. In 2010 it became more than 4.52 million tonnes. In 2013, it became more than 5.34 million tonnes. Tea is that type of beverage which does not have any type of addiction. There are so many benefits of tea. Now we will discuss the benefits of tea


Among the benefits of tea, to lower down the level of inflammation is one of them. The levels of inflammation can be lowered down with the help of active compounds present in tea. Inflammation has a connection with other diseases. These diseases include metabolic syndrome, depression, and arthritis. We can be protected from cardiovascular diseases if we have low levels of inflammation. Tea is a drink which is not only good for taste but also good for our health. To reduce the levels of inflammation is not a difficult task if we are consuming the beverage of tea. You must read about the benefits of cinnamon tea and the benefits of lemon tea.

Lowered Cholesterol


We are prone to many diseases due to high levels of cholesterol. Most sources of study have concluded that there is the great decrease in cholesterol by high consumption of tea. From the large intestine, the absorption of cholesterol gets restricted by the consumption of tea. Even the bad cholesterol gets reduced by its consumption. Five cups of tea per day will provide effective results i.e. lower the cholesterol. Tea is also helpful in reducing serum cholesterol. Therefore, if we count the benefits of tea then, lowered cholesterol is one of them. Benefits of elderflower tea, bilberry tea, and black currant tea are must to consider.

Relieves Fatigue And Brain Health


Relieves fatigue and brain health are a part of benefits of tea. Tea is the beverage which provides us energy. It consists of efficient and quick natural stimulants. These natural stimulants include caffeine, alkaloids, and tannin. We can get relief from fatigue immediately by the intake of tea. It is helpful in elevating and stimulating mood and the brain. Tea provides relief from cold during winter seasons. It is helpful in eradicating the dizziness. The alertness of our brain gets increased due to the presence of amino acid known as L-Theanine in it. The health of the brain can be maintained by it. Benefits of turmeric tea and benefits of sassafras tea are must to read about.

Check the top 10 health benefits of tea:

Boosting Up Of Immune System


Powerful disinfectants are present in tea. These powerful disinfectants include alkaloids such as caffeine and tannin. High germicidal, antimicrobial and antiviral properties are a part of these alkaloids. That means the tea is helpful in killing germs causing fever and infections. It is helpful in strengthening the immune system due to the presence of antioxidants in it. The growth of HIV virus can be checked by polyphenols( like epigallocatechin and catechin) and oxalates present in tea. Therefore, boosting up of the immune system is included in benefits of tea. Have you ever heard about oolong tea and rooibos tea? They have some amazing benefits. You must know about disadvantage of tea.

Improving The Health Of Gums And Teeth


Strong astringent properties are possessed by alkaloid present in tea. This alkaloid is termed as Tannin. The excess acids in the mouth get neutralizes if it is taken without sugar thereby killing germs. The fastening of gums firmly onto the teeth is enabled by its astringent part thereby avoiding their falling and loosening. It is also helpful in preventing the hair loss. Even, the roots of hairs become stronger by it. It will be fruitful to wash the hairs with black tea. Therefore, tea is beneficial for improving the health of gums and teeth. You can read more about the benefits of drinking black tea and benefits of green tea for skin.

Improves Blood Circulation


There should be proper blood circulation for maintaining our health. If we drink tea by adding ginger to it then it is helpful in restoring and improving our blood circulation. As a result of it, we are not prone to the cardiovascular disorders. Improved blood circulation is good for the health of our skin.

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Relieve Menstrual Discomfort


Menstruation is the critical part of woman’s life. She has to face some sorts of muscles pain during this period. For getting relief from the pain, she, first of all, have to soak a towel in warm tea added with ginger and then, it is allowed to be applied to the lower abdomen. It provides a great relief in muscles pain. A cup of tea added with ginger and honey is also fruitful during this period.

Thus, we have discussed benefits of tea in the above-written matter. Tea is the beverage which is consumed not only for taste but also due to its health benefits. Tea is the godsend for the health of our body.

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