Alcohol is not bad always! These Amazing Beer Benefits will Surprise You

Beer Benefits

The oldest alcoholic drink which is consumed widely all over the world is beer. It is preferred after tea and water by most of the people. Brewing is the term used to define the act of producing beer. It is an alcoholic drink which is packed and sold in cans and bottles. The ingredients of beer comprise starch source like malted barley able to saccharified (converted to sugars) then fermented (converted into carbon dioxide and ethanol), water, a flavor of hops and a brewer’s yeast for producing fermentation. There are so many health benefits of beer. Now we will discuss the beer benefits- 

Fight Against Cancer

Beer benefits

Cancer is a deadly disease. It is spreading among the common mass day by day. We should take due care to get prevented from the disease. In producing beer, hops are used and a flavonoid compound called Xanthohumol is found in them (hops) which is helpful in the chemoprevention of cancer comprising prostate cancer. It is the best remedy to fight against cancer. Polyphenols are provided by it (because of grains used for fermentation). Do you know benefits of passion fruit and pomelo fruit can also help you in this?

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Therefore, among the beer benefits, to fight against cancer is one of them.

Minimise The Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Beer benefits

To minimise the risk of cardiovascular diseases is a part of beer benefits. We can get protected from heart disease (by avoiding the build-up of a compound known as homocysteine) by Vitamin B6. This vitamin B6 is entailed by beer. The thinning effect is provided by it on the blood due to which the formation of blood gets prevented. This results in blockage of coronary arteries. The risk of inflammation can be reduced by its moderate consumption. This inflammation is responsible for atherosclerosis (fancy name for clogged arteries). In other words, beer is also useful in preventing atherosclerosis.

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Kidney Health

Beer benefits

The functioning of our body depends on the kidney. The kidney is the core part of our body. According to Researchers in Finland, the risk of developing kidney stones by 40 percent can be minimized by having one bottle of beer daily. If we drink beer excessively then, it will lead to frequent urination which is helpful in maintaining the proper functioning of kidneys. The release of calcium from the bones can be slow down due to the presence of hops in it. This will result in prevention of development of kidney stones. Therefore, if we count the beer benefits then, maintaining kidney health is one of them. Benefits of eating guava and benefits of pomegranate seeds also maintain the health of your kidney.

Check this video to know the health benefits of drinking beer:

Reduced Risk Of Diabetes

Beer benefits

The most common disorder of our routine life is diabetes. Reduced risk of diabetes is included in beer benefits. In 2011, according to Harvard researchers, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes can be reduced up to 25 percent by having one or two glass of beer daily. According to Dr. Michel Joosten (a visiting professor at the Harvard School of Public Health), insulin sensitivity gets increased by having the beer and this increased insulin sensitivity is helpful in preventing diabetes. It provides soluble fiber which is helpful for controlling blood sugar. Benefits of beets and benefits of chlorella can help you with this.

Helpful In Losing Weight

Beer benefits

Increasing size of the belly is not only harmful to our health but also destroy our beauty. To have a body in good shape is the dream of every individual. According to the State University Of Oregon’s researchers, we can shed some pounds by drinking beer. According to the study published by scientists the chances of metabolic syndrome can be reduced (condition comprising obesity, high blood pressure, bad high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels and high blood sugar) by a compound known as xanthohumol (found in hops). You can also consider watermelon benefits weight loss, cinnamon benefits weight loss, coconut oil for weight loss and various essential oils for weight loss.

Prevention Of Anemia

Beer benefits

If our body lacks folic acid and Vitamin B12 then it leads to anemia. This folic acid and Vitamin B12 are provided by beer. Along with preventing anemia, it is also helpful in maintaining good concentration, normal growth, and the good memory. It is also helpful in treating hypertension.

Thus, we have discussed beer benefits in the above-written matter. Although beer is an alcoholic drink it has so many health benefits. By drinking beer we can get prevented from many disorders or diseases.

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