Disadvantages of Tea That Will Make You Careful About Drinking It

Disadvantages of Tea

Tea is a beverage which is accepted by everyone around every corner of the world. This hot drink provides instant energy and is a refreshing drink. Many health benefits are hidden in a cup of tea but all along come with disadvantages of tea too. If tea is consumed in much quantity it can lead to serious health issues. Let’s discuss the disadvantages of tea.
Tea is available in a variety of flavors. It is invigorating and soothing too. Thus gaining huge popularity worldwide.
Water is necessary for our living so is tea. It is second most consumed liquid in the world. But consuming too much of this favorite drink can lead you towards bad effects on health.

The beverage which provides refreshment to our body is tea. It is the beverage which makes our mood. 99% people all over the world use to take it in the morning before starting their day. If health is concerned then, there are many advantages of tea. It is helpful in lowering the level of inflammation. Tea decreases the levels of cholesterol. It is helpful in relieving fatigue. The health of the brain can be maintained by it. It is helpful in boosting our immune system. The health of gums and teeth can be maintained and improved by it. It is helpful in improving blood circulation. It provides relief from menstrual discomfort.

If we drink the tea in excess then, there are so many disadvantages of tea. Now we will discuss the tea side effects if taken in excess-

Complications Due To low levels Of Caffeine


Among the many disadvantages of tea, complications due to low levels of caffeine are one of them. Due to tea side effects, it is not preferred by so many people. Due to low levels of caffeine (if compared to coffee) it is responsible for making us jittery, nervous and nauseated and also for causing insomnia and irregular heartbeats. The range of levels of caffeine in tea is from 14 to 16 milligrams per cup which is not sufficient. You must look at the benefits of cinnamon tea and benefits of lemon tea.

Tinted Teeth


We use to face tea side effects due to its excessive intake. The lustrous white teeth of our mouth add to our beauty. Our smile becomes effective due to our white teeth. The whole beauty of the teeth gets destroyed by drinking tea excessively. Our teeth use to be stained by drinking too much tea. The color of our teeth becomes yellow by its excessive intake. Therefore, if we count the disadvantages of tea then tinted teeth are one of them. Have you ever heard about bilberry tea and black currant tea?

Issues Concerning Iron

disadvantages of drinking tea

Our health gets affected by tea side effects. Iron issues are the part of disadvantages of tea. Generally, people have a habit to drink tea with their meal. If we drink tea with the food which is rich in iron then, our body cannot take the benefits of iron as iron gets bind with the antioxidants (called flavonoids) of tea. Iron is helpful in forming hemoglobin. It is good for the health of muscles. Hemoglobin is helpful in transferring oxygen from one body cell to another. It is helpful in maintaining our brain health. Benefits of turmeric tea and drinking sassafras tea are must to consider.

Overloading of Sugar

disadvantages of drinking tea

We should be aware of tea side effects. The tea added with sugar consists of many calories. There is no nutritional value of sugar. Sugar is meant only to provide taste. Calories provided by tea added with sugar leads to increase in fats in our body. If we drink tea added with sugar in excess then, it is harmful to our health. Even bottled ice tea is loaded with so much of sugar content. There are 50 calories per cup in one major brand’s sweetened tea. Therefore, overloading of sugar is included in the disadvantages of drinking tea. Do you know about elderflower tea and oolong tea benefits?

Check this video to know the disadvantage of drinking tea:

Stomach Problems

disadvantages of tea

The stomach is the core part of our body. It is the organ in which food get transferred after it gets chewed. If we drink tea in excess, then it is responsible for sour stomach. We can experience stomach aches by having a lot of tea. It is the cause of Gastroesophageal reflux disease. 2-3 cups per day are considered to be its normal intake. If we have the problem of stomach aches then, it is advised to take only 1-2 cups per day. In other words, if we drink tea in excess then, it is not good for our stomach. Rooibos tea is also widely known for its benefits.

Risk of Esophageal Cancer

Esophageal Cancer

Esophageal Cancer is cancer which occurs in the food pipe running down from throat to the stomach. In a survey done in 2008, a risk of esophageal cancer was detected in people who are in a habit of drinking too hot tea. The people who drank black tea with a temperature of around 65°C -158°C tends to develop symptoms of esophageal cancer.

It is further surveyed that those who drink their tea within 3-4 minutes from pouring into their cup tend to face this problem more than the ones who let it rest for 4 minutes and than consume it.

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It is a disturbance in bones. It is caused by chronic fluorine poisoning and is characterized by the development of multiple exostoses.
Younger tea leaves are believed to contain a lower amount of fluoride compared to older tea leaves and have a smaller risk of causing Osteofluorosis.
In England, a 47 years old women were diagnosed with this problem and she also lost her teeth from drinking too much tea. It is said that she consumed around 100-150 bags of tea on a regular basis.

Risk of Prostate Cancer increases

watermelon benefits

Prostate cancer is developed in the gland in males. The male reproductive system is infected by cancer. Sometimes it grows slowly and in some cases, it develops at a quick speed. Prostate cancer can spread to other areas too especially lymph nodes and bones.
Drinking too much of tea around 7-10 cups daily increase the risk by 50% compared to men who consume lesser quantity. A study done by the University of Glasgow has also proved it. Tea is not the only factor to cause prostate cancer few other factors also give a hand to cause this type of cancer like age, family history, diet, stress.etc.

Always use common sense when it comes to health. Here in this article, we are not asking you, people, to stop drinking tea. All that we are saying is don’t drink too much of it. Let it cool first for some time. Don’t drink concentrated tea. Follow these steps and enjoy your very own cup of tastiest tea by making sure it doesn’t cause harm to you. There are some benefits also.

Side Effects of Milk Tea


In a research, scientist found consuming Tea with milk cause restless in blood vessels in the body. the Casein which protein present in milk, complex the form in the tea which becomes harmful to body vessels.

Side Effects of drinking Tea in empty stomach

Bed tea consumption is common in almost every households. Tea contains caffeine in it which cause stomach acids to hit and also create havoc effect on the digestive system for whole day. So it is prescribed that in the morning first you must take any solid then consume tea.

Thus, we have discussed the disadvantages of tea in the above-written matter. For avoiding tea side effects, we should restrict its intake. Tea has both advantages and disadvantages and it depends on us how to earn its benefits and how to get rid of its disadvantages.



A new research tells that too many cups of tea in a day can leave the person dehydrated. Although tea contains less caffeine as compared to coffee, drinking too much of it, in turn, means consuming too caffeine. Due to which the absorption abilities of tubules is reduced and makes the person dehydrated. Side effects of tea begin to show if the person drinks more than three cups of tea per day.



Another disadvantage of drinking tea too much is that you can feel bloated. There is some amount of caffeine present in tea, which can make some people feel bloated. This bloating is related to the issue of dehydration we discussed in the previous topic. Due to dehydration, the body tries to retain as much water as possible that can make people feel bloated.

Can Get You Addicted

One of the worst Side effects of tea is that you can easily get addicted to it. Caffeine is present in tea, albeit in small amounts, and it can make people addicted to it. If people don’t get their daily cup of tea at the exact time when people tend to get lethargic, and irritated. Some people can complain about suffering from fatigue and headaches.

Anxiety and Restlessness

prednisone side effects on men

Another major disadvantage of drinking excess tea is that it can cause anxiety and restlessness. Without any doubt, tea helps to increase the energy levels of the body but excessive consumption of caffeine can make a person feel restless, anxious and sleep deprived.

Side effects of Black Tea/Black tea side effects

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Drinking more than 3 cups of black tea while you are pregnant is unhealthy. Side effects of drinking excessive black tea while you are pregnant or breastfeeding include the risk of miscarriage increased the threat of SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. Some other side effects are the low birth weight of your child, caffeine withdrawal, increased bowel movements.

Anemia: If you are iron deficient or anemic then drinking black tea can make your situation worse.

Bleeding disorders: Another major black tea side effect is that it can slow down the process of the formation of a clot.

Heart problems: One of the major disadvantages of drinking black tea is that it can cause an irregular heartbeat. People with heart diseases are most affected.

Diabetes: Another side effect of drinking black tea is that it can affect body sugar levels.

Diarrhea: One of the disadvantages of drinking black tea is that it can worsen diarrhea.

Seizures: Caffeine present in Black tea can cause seizures or effect with the action of drugs used to prevents seizures. It is another disadvantage of drinking black tea.

Glaucoma: Drinking too much black tea increases the pressure inside the eyes. It occurs during 30 to 90 minutes of drinking black tea.

High blood pressure: If you have just started drinking black tea then you need to be cautious, as it is known to increase blood pressure. No such complication occurs with regular drinkers though.

Why Tea should be avoided during Pregnancy?

Caffeine contains stimulating properties, that is why it is advisable to avoid tea during pregnancy.

Consumption of 200 milligrams of caffeine a day is considered safe during pregnancy.

Teas with a low amount of caffeine are safe to consume in pregnancy. There are certain benefits of tea which makes it a healthy beverage.

The antioxidants, polyphenols keeps up the immunity and the health of the heart.

Herbal tea can be a good option for pregnant women, instead of high caffeine teas. They can help to fight with anxiety and stress of this duration. A consultation of your doctor is recommended for authentic advice.


Safe Teas To Drink

There are Herbal teas, also known as TISANES, are available which are prepared by infusing leaves, berries, roots, bark, flowers, and seeds of various plants that have multiple medicinal benefits.

These teas are considered safe to consume for their benefits.

1. Ginger Tea helps to soothe stomach pains, eases nausea and heals digestion. Milk Chai with ginger is a tasty beverage which also fights cold.
2. Peppermint tea helps with stomach muscles, and eases gas and bloating. It is a real mood lifter.
3. Red raspberry leaf tea contains a good amount of magnesium and calcium.
4. Rooibos tea contains zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, and antioxidants to detoxify the body. It also helps reduce acid reflux and fights digestion. It improves intake of iron in the body and aids allergies, cold and other infections and also boosts immunity.
5. Lemon balm tea has a calming impact on consumption and prevents insomnia and anxiety.
6. Rosehip tea, also known as ‘Elixir of Youth’, is a rich source of vitamin C. It fights flu.

It’s time to make an informed decision about your cup of tea!

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