All You Need to Know About Weight Gain Diet Chart

When it comes to our body weight, there are different factors such as metabolism, nutritional intake, genes, etc. that influence it. While some of the lucky ones gain weight sooner in their life, some struggle in this area. Despite eating a lot of food some people just cannot seem to put on weight. For such peeps is weight gain diet chart that helps them healthily gain weight. How to gain weight fast at home?

The Basics of Weight gain diet chart:


The basic idea behind weight gain diet chart is to give an organized and efficient approach towards the whole weight gaining process. The weight gain diet chart is like your management tool which helps micromanage the efforts you are putting. And helps you understand which food items would be best for you

Basically, a weight gain diet chart includes features some basic information like:

  • Suited food for gaining weight
  • Targeted body weight
  • Food that shouldn’t be consumed too much
  • Number of meals throughout the day
  • Number of snacks to be consumed
  • Choices of snacking
  • Sugar intake per day
  • What should be included in each meal
  • Monthly gains

If you want to gain weight, it is better to combine your high-calorie diet with exercising and the right amount of Winstrol. It is because exercise makes sure you get uniform weight.

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Weight gain diet chart:


Here is one of the weight gain diet chart that you can opt for:

–    Three meal per day along with two heavy snacks and one light

–    Intake of nutritional supplements before as well as after workout

–    Work-out at least 2-3 times in a week

–    Minimize the intake of tea, coffee, and aerated drinks

–    Focus on getting more and more carbohydrate and protein together with some fat.


A few bananas and a sip of glucose water or lemonade.


A heavy protein shake.

For Breakfast:

  • One generous glass of orange juice
  • A healthy bowl of oatmeal (oats with milk) (rolled oats or steel cut oats) that should have some dried nuts such as walnuts, almonds or raisins along with low-fat or skimmed milk and some sugar.
  • 2-3 eggs, boiled or scrambled. Here are some substitute of eggs.
  • 2-3 sliced multi-grain bread coated along with a butter

Mid-day Snack:

  • A healthy bowl of yogurt made from low-fat milk or
  • Whole fruits such as peaches or apples
  • Couple of granola bars, fortified with sesame seeds and raisins


  • One form of animal meat in one to two servings
  • 4-5 whole wheat or multi-grain chappatis (with very little amount of ghee)
  • A healthy bowl of dal
  • A bowl of boiled rice
  • If you are vegetarian, you can add paneer made from low-fat milk.

Check this video to know about weight gain diet chart :

Evening Snack:

A glass of low-fat milk is a great choice for an evening snack that will boost your energy. Try to go for malted mix rather than synthetic sugar. You can have the milk along with cookies or high-fiber biscuits.


Now that you have reached the weight gain diet chart you need to some planning for your last calorie intake. Include at least one form of green veggie with dal or fish or chicken made with gravy. It is recommended to have more rice for your supper than chappatis when it comes to weight gaining. Make sure you consume high-calorie lentils like kidney beans and black grams.

Post-Dinner Snacks:

If you feel a little hungry after your main dinner doesn’t hesitate in treating yourself to a little post-dinner snack. Here are your options for post-dinner snacks:

  • Yogurt or smoothie
  • Fresh fruits such as mangoes, grapes, or apples
  • A dark chocolate

This is the end of the article and remembers it is just one weight gain diet chart. The content of the chart may change depending upon the progress, so there is no fix diet plan you just have to choose what works for you.

Written by Ashley Grace

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