Here Are Some Delicious Lemon Tea Recipes That Will Leave You Wanting For More


Lemon Tea Recipes

If we are concerned about our health, then there are many benefits of Lemon Tea and hence we need to know about the lemon tea recipes.

It is a low-calorie drink which is helpful in reducing weight. In other words, the calories provided by lemon tea are very low. It is considered to be a rich source of photochemical. Diseases like cancer, heart diseases, osteoporosis, and diabetes can be prevented by drinking lemon tea. It is helpful in boosting up of our immune system. Our body remains hydrated by this refreshing drink. There are so many lemon tea recipes. Now we will discuss some lemon tea recipes-

Plain Lemon Tea


Among the lemon tea recipes, plain lemon tea is one of them. This is the most natural and general recipe for preparing lemon tea. This recipe is preferred by many people. It is very easy to prepare it. For preparing it, first of all, there is a need for the pan. Then, two cups of water are allowed to be added.  After boiling it, there is a need to add tea powder. We have to heat the water at sim flame for two minutes. The pan is allowed to be removed from the heat. Then, a tablespoon of lemon juice is required to be added. After that, the half table spoon of sugar is required to be added. The solution is allowed to be strained into the bowl. Then, it is ready to drink. It is advised to drink it on an empty stomach so as to provide health benefits.

Lemon Tea With Honey And Ginger


There are different flavors of lemon tea. According to our preference, its ingredients and flavor can be changed. If we count the lemon tea recipes then, lemon tea with honey and ginger is one of them. Now, we will deal with the recipe of lemon tea with ginger and honey. For preparing it, first of all, we require a pan. Two cups of water are allowed to be added. Then, the water is required to be heated until it bubbles. Then, we have to add chopped ginger into the water. After that, lemon water and honey are allowed to be added. The content is required to be strained and then, it is ready to drink.

Check this video to know recipe of lemon tea:

Lemon Honey Tea


Honey is the best solution for maintaining our health. Benefits of cinnamon and honey are also many. We can lose our weight by regular intake of honey. It will be more fruitful to take it with lemon. Lemon honey tea is a part of lemon tea recipes. Half spoon of sugar and a tablespoon of lemon juice are required for preparing this recipe. Sugar can be avoided to have the benefit of tea. We also require a cup of water and one tablespoon of honey. First of all, a pan has to be taken. One cup of water is allowed to be added to it. Then, a tablespoon of honey is allowed to be added to it. The flame has to be removed after boiling it for two minutes. A tablespoon of lemon juice is allowed to be added. After mixing it well it is ready to drink. Do you know about the benefits of drinking water with lemon?

Garlic Lemon Tea


Garlic clove benefits are many. Garlic is good for our health due to its healing properties. So many diseases can be healed by the intake of garlic. Do you know what is a garlic clove? It will be more beneficial for our health, especially helpful in losing weight if we combine lemon and garlic. Garlic Lemon Tea is included in the lemon tea recipes. The ingredients required to prepare this recipe are a spoon of lemon juice, garlic cloves and a cup of water. The garlic cloves are allowed to be chopped. Then, we have to boil the water and these chopped garlic cloves are allowed to be added to it. After removing the flame, a spoon of lemon juice is required to be added to it. Then, it is ready to drink. Do you know how to mince garlic? You must also look for some garlic clove minced recipes.

Turmeric Lemon Tea


The recipe which is the boon for our health is turmeric lemon tea. We can protect ourselves from many diseases due to antibacterial and antiseptic properties of turmeric. The ingredients required to prepare turmeric lemon tea are the half teaspoon of turmeric, two cups of water,  two table spoons of lemon juice and three tablespoons of honey. These ingredients are allowed to be added to a sauce pan. The flame is supposed to be removed after boiling it. This content is allowed to be cooled. It is ready to drink after straining it. Individually, benefits of turmeric tea should also be considered.

Thus, we have discussed lemon tea recipes in the above-written matter. These recipes are not only meant to provide good taste but also for providing various health benefits to our body. These recipes can easily be prepared at home.


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