Chapped Lips Causes are unbelievable

Chapped Lips Causes

Chapped Lips are observed commonly among so many people. Chapping of lips makes them painful and unattractive. Chapped lips are not the condition of getting worried. Chapped lips causes include the symptoms of dryness, redness, cracking, flaking and tender or sore lips.

Chapped lips causes are because of many reasons. Some reasons are allergies, too much vitamin A, unwanted chemicals in tooth paste, mouth breathing, licking of lips and dehydration etc. Exposure of lips to the sun, weather, and the wind also leads to the chapped lips. We should deal with the chapped lips causes for preventing them. Now we will discuss the chapped lips causes in the following manner-



Among the chapped lips causes, dehydration is one of them. Lips get dried easily due to the absence of oil glands in it. We can diagnose dehydration by observing dry lips. In other words, drying of lips caused due to dehydration. If we do not drink water throughout the day then our lips become chapped. The exposure of body towards wind and UV rays of the sun causes dehydration and thus makes our lips chapped. Do you know that benefits of cucumber water help a lot in hydrating our body?

Licking The Lips


Generally, children have a habit of licking the lips. Our lips get dried due to licking them again and again. The cycle of lip-dehydration gets continued due to this licking. As it leads to evaporation of saliva and thus escaping of moisture from the lips takes place thereby making them drier more than before. We use to lick our lips due to the dry, shrunken and rough layer which lies on the top and get separated from the moist layer below it. If we chew and bite our lips then it also causes chapped lips. Therefore, if we count the chapped lips causes then licking the lips is one of them. Pomelo fruit and Benefits of cranberry juice are must to read.

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Too Much Vitamin A


Vitamin A is beneficial for our health. But if we take anything in excess then it has so many side effects. Similarly, if we take Vitamin A in excess then it has harmful effects on our health. One of the effects is chapped lips. It makes our lips pealed if we take Vitamin A in excess. Consuming 25000 IU of Vitamin A means the intake of excessive Vitamin A. In other words, we can have chapped lips if we consume Vitamin A without any limit. Therefore, consuming too much of Vitamin A is a part of chapped lips causes.

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Unwanted Chemicals In Toothpaste


There are some kinds of toothpaste which entail the chemical of sodium lauryl sulfate. This chemical causes chapped and dried lips. We should change our toothpaste for preventing chapped lips. So many kinds of toothpaste have dehydrating alcohols which are also harmful to the health of lips. Therefore, unwanted chemicals in toothpaste are included in chapped lips causes. Thought toothpaste can help you in removing blackheads. Here is How to Remove Blackheads from nose using toothpaste?

Mouth Breathing


Our lips become chapped if we are suffering from cold. The chill gets caught by chapped lips due to nasal allergies. As in nasal allergies, we cannot take the breath from our nose. We use our mouth for breathing. Lips get dried due to the passing of air constantly over them. The lips of those people become chapped who have sleep apnea. Therefore, nasal allergies or cold leads to chapped lips.

Thus, we have discussed chapped lips causes in the above-written matter. We have studied these cases to protect our lips for getting chapped. I hope these will help you.


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