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Rooibos is a plant grown in South Africa. Its texture is broom like and it is a member of the Fabaceae family of plants. It is aromatic with mild taste there are various benefits of #Rooibos_Tea and is very popular in countries like England, Holland, and Japan. According to research, the benefits of Rooibos Tea are 50% more than Green Tea. People of Africa have been drinking this tea since ages.

Look through the top benefits we’ve listed below and find the one benefit that will motivate you to start incorporating Rooibos Tea into your daily life.

1. Without caffeine

It is absolutely caffeine free therefore it is a boon for people suffering from insomnia. Benefits of 1 cup of Rooibos Tea are – If it is taken before going to bed, it helps in sound sleep. It elevates your mood, improves energy and stress level naturally; without caffeine which is addictive.

2. Prevents hypertension

Rooibos Tea helps in lowering high blood pressure. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce hypertension and promote HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and curbs LDL (bad cholesterol), which means protection against heart conditions like atherosclerosis and stroke.

3. Good for toddlers

Benefits of Rooibos Tea are enormous in infants suffering from stomach ache and colic problem. A mother in South Africa swears to the healing and soothing effect on her child who is colicky.

4. Skin health

Rooibos Tea consists of alpha hydroxyl acid and zinc, which is good for skin. You can apply red tea powder directly to the skin for pimples, acne, and sunstroke problems. It is beneficial in the premature aging skin and also on reducing wrinkles. They are also used in cosmetics chemical peels to rejuvenate skin and give a healthy glow to the skin.

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5. Good for teeth and bones

Rooibos Tea promotes healthy teeth and bones because it contains minerals such as manganese, fluoride, and calcium. The role of manganese is to stimulate enzyme in the body which helps in building bone mass and also repairs any damage. Fluoride maintains healthy and strong teeth and also is the main ingredient in mouthwashes and toothpaste. Drinking Rooibos Tea prevents conditions like joint pain, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

6. Healthy hair

Consuming Rooibos Tea often will promote hair growth and will make hair fiber strong. The tea contains polyphones which are organic chemicals and is full of antioxidant capabilities. These polyphones protect hair from sun damage and make hair soft and shiny. Rooibos relieves hair loss as it has an ingredient that helps in removing dead skin cells which block hair follicle that prevents hair from growing. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory reaction of Rooibos Tea contributes to preventing soothing the scalp and dandruff.

7. Better blood circulation

Many people agonize over poor blood circulation which can take towards consequential health condition like a heart attack. The compound like chrysoeriol has flavonoid which is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Chrysoeriol assists in blood circulation and lowering cholesterol.

8. Helps to control diabetes

Rooibos Tea consists of aspalathin which is a rare antioxidant and has various qualities. It enhances insulin resistance, balances blood sugar, and helps in glucose absorption of muscle. All this leads to preventive measure against diabetes. Because of its blood sugar balancing properties, it is beneficial to people who already have diabetes by improving the drop and spikes that are hazardous to health. Families who have a history of running diabetes are particularly benefited by drinking Rooibos Tea.

9. Antispasmodic

The Rooibos Tea has antispasmodic properties that help in stomach ache and stomach cramps. This can be due to K+ (potassium ion) set in motion in the body without alienating the pursuit of calcium. Jointly they can minimize the over activity in the gastrointestinal tract by stopping intestinal concern and diarrhea.

10. Anti-inflammatory

Rooibos Tea contains polyphenol which is anti-inflammatory and mutagenic antiviral. They also save us from free radicals that are dangerous to cell metabolism which causes diseases like cancer and hypertension. The tea also has aspalathin and nothofagin which are antioxidants. The antiviral compound of polyphenol gives an advantage to the immune system which shields the body from irises, cough and cold, and the flu.

11. Supports the respiratory system

Drinking of Rooibos Tea will hinder cardiovascular disease. It also decreases the risk heart attack and atherosclerosis because Rooibos Tea contains bronchodilator substance which dilates bronchiole and bronchi due to which airflow to lungs increases making breathing easier.

12. Kidney stones

Rooibos Tea is a boon for people who are suffering from kidney stones and who love to drink tea because it does not have oxalic acid in the beverage. Oxalic acid forms a crystal-like substance which makes the existence of calcium stones in the kidney and even making them larger.

13. Body boost

Rooibos Tea has many benefits. It is useful in insomnia, asthma, bone weakness, skin disease. It can diminish the risk of different types of cancer. The tea has vitamin C which helps in easing the digestive problems. Rooibos Tea boosts your immune system and protects the body from all types of diseases.

Written by Ashley Grace

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