The Guide to Succeed in Persuasive Writing about Healthy Food

Have you ever participated in discussions? Perhaps, you have. Do you remember the feelings you experienced and the words you used to persuade somebody that your position is the right one? That is how you are to write your persuasive paper. When people argue there are participants to prove one position and their opponents. Students suggest some idea in the thesis statement. Then they look for facts and evidence to support the idea. A student should also present other viewpoints. The reader does not usually know all the possible points of view concerning the presented problem.

When people speak about healthy food there are so many topics to discuss. For example, dieting. A number of individuals keep to fatless food, other people eat only vegetarian meals, some persons choose the scheme of required calories and follow it. Each representative of a concrete diet will prove that his or her diet is the most effective. All of them will search statistics, analyze feedback and comments of those who have already tested the chosen nutrition system. So, that is the formula of successful investigation of the academic assignment.

Eating habits vary. Food preferences create a chain of related topics people can dispute. Experts from custom persuasive essay writing service have created a guide which can assist students in academic writing on healthy food.

How to Start Writing a Persuasive  Paper about Healthy Food

First of all, a person should select a good topic for research. It should be something controversial. Only such topics can provide discussion and make persuasive writing really impressive. For example, “If parents eat well their children will also eat healthy food”. Sounds rather intriguing, doesn’t it? Here one can manifest the topic differently. A student might try to prove that this statement is true. An individual could provide the paper with examples of true stories found on some websites. The other student could think of evidence supporting the idea that parent’s eating habits cannot make their children prefer fruit and vegetables to junk food.

So, one might conclude that topic choice is essentially important. It makes the paper sound worthy and attractive to the target audience. A student is a lawyer who protects the viewpoint of passionately and energetically. So, the topic selection should take into consideration the contemporary discussions, pressing problems, and TOP issues about proper nutrition. A student should surf the Internet, interview people, study various articles, and consult experts who usually deal with it.

10 Steps You Should Consider When Writing Persuasive Paper

These are 10 tips to help you accomplish supreme persuasive paper.

  • Create an outline (the plan of steps you are planning, the structure of the paper, main ideas for each paragraph and facts to support them, etc.)
  • Conduct research (both Internet and printed sources will do)
  • Prefer the Position (create a discussion and choose the viewpoint you like)
  • Write down the best facts to support the idea
  • Proceed to write
  • Finish the paper
  • Format the paper appropriately (MLA, ASA, APA, etc.)
  • Proofread (it is a good idea to ask an expert to read the paper to be sure that there are no mistakes)
  • Edit
  • Present the assignment

Don’t forget about the deadline. Plan everything for not to hurry and spoil the paper and reputation.

The Paper Procedure Is Delicate and Rigorous

Each academic paper requires some specific structure. The assignment about healthy food does not differ. It usually includes three main constituents.

  • The Introduction. The introductory part should captivate the target audience. It should strike the reader with mesmerizing facts, statistics, evidence, citations, and some examples of life experience. The next step is to compose a good thesis statement which must include a controversial idea. For example, one might start like this ‘Our body demands calories. If the person’s lifestyle lets a person burn those calories per day, the weight will remain stable. Are all types of calories the same? Is it easier to get rid of extra pounds resulted by fruit or those produced by greasy meals?’ This beginning gives a chance to say that 2000 calories provided by healthy meals equal to 2000 calories caused by fast food. The other student might oppose this statement and persuade the reader that calories of healthy meals are safer and easier to lose than those of unhealthy food.
  • The Body. The main goal of the body part is to present the way of investigation. It also reflects facts and statistics. It is usually divided into sections. Each section supports one point or connects the one given in the previous paragraph (section). Everything is to be logically interrelated. It is important to mention that the introduction and the conclusion should make only 20 percent of the whole paper. The rest 80 percent belong to the body.
  • The Conclusion. Its prior function is to summarize the ideas given in the thesis statement. It is essential not to repeat it but to restate it. The concluding paragraph could also suggest some problem for further investigation. Students might suggest a theory about future perspectives of the problem or way of its solution. For instance, ‘Scientist still study the cases of genetic presupposition and a healthy lifestyle. Today experts in N University conduct the research connected to genetic diabetes and impact of healthy food on the ability to prevent it or at least lose some weight. This investigation can supply humanity with other statistics…’

So, be attentive, regard each detail, and get A. Persuade everybody that you have chosen the right position.

Written by Ashley Grace

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