If you eat just one bowl of yogurt daily then these Health Benefits of Yogurt will do miracles

Health Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt is the most famous and nutritious dairy product consumed since centuries. It is made by fermentation of milk. The fermentation process makes lactic acid, which cause milk to curdle and gives yogurt its tangy flavor and its unique texture. Health benefits of yogurt are many such as it improves your heart health, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, and is great food for all of you who are on low cal diet.

Commercially made yogurt have added artificial flavors and sugar, therefore it is advisable to go for plain yogurt to have its optimum benefits.

Here are the impressive Health Benefits of Yogurt:

Prevents osteoporosis


One of the most important health benefits of yogurt is, it reduces the chances of osteoporosis. In osteoporosis the bones get weak, then the chances of fracture increases it is generally found in elderly people. The studies and research show that by incorporating yogurt into your routine diet can strengthen your bones and preserve your bone mass. Benefits of flax seeds, benefits of beets and passion fruit benefits also help in preventing osteoporosis.

Improves Heart Health


Plain yogurt nutrition is very high and some studies and research indicate that intake of yogurt on regular basis can increase your good cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart disease. It is also considered to decrease the high blood pressure and helps to maintain the blood pressure. People who are already diagnosed with high blood pressure should definitely eat plain yogurt on regular basis o see the results. Benefits of pomegranate seeds and benefits of chlorella also take care of your heart.

Boosts your immunity system


Health benefits of yogurt are tremendous especially when it contains probiotics. Probiotics are helpful in reducing the inflammation, and inflammation is the root cause of many chronic diseases. Intake of yogurt on regular basis enhances your immunity system and reduces the incidence of contracting common cold and other infections. Pomelo fruit and the benefits of cranberry juice also enhance your immunity.

Yogurt contains selenium, zinc, magnesium which is important minerals to strengthen your immune system. It also contains vitamin D which also responsible to prevent flu and the common cold.

Maintains weight


Yogurt is considered a rich source of protein and calcium. Regular consumption of yogurt can reduce the chance of obesity. Yogurt eating enhances your appetite and reduce the hormones such a GLP and peptide. Plain yogurt nutrition is so many at the same time it has low calorie content. Because it has high protein content yogurt keeps you full for a longer time and aids in maintaining your weight. You must also consider coconut oil for weight loss, watermelon benefits weight loss, cinnamon benefits weight loss and various other essential oils for weight loss.

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Yogurt for lactose intolerant


There are many people including me who are lactose intolerant who cannot digest milk and cannot avail the benefits of milk. The lactose present in yogurt is easily digested and your body can absorb yogurt because of live culture also known as good bacteria.

Treats intestine infections


Health benefits of yogurt are also useful to heal intestine infections. Some diseases tend o upset intestine and creates an issues like diarrhea and many other infections. During stomach infection if you replace your regular meals with yogurt and rice you will the healing of infections faster.

Yogurt for dental health


Teeth and gums are also protected by the health benefits of yogurt. The lactic acid content in yogurt protects against the cavity formation which is caused by eating lots of sweets and not taking proper care of oral hygiene. Oolong tea benefits and benefits of drinking black tea also prevent tooth decay.

How to buy yogurt?


Whenever you buy yogurt from store look out for unsweetened yogurt which doesn’t have added sugar and is good for health.

You can go for full fat or low fat yogurt according to your choice. Look out for yogurts which have live culture to get your fix of healthy probiotics.

How to make yogurt at home?


It is very easy to make yogurt at home. First take one bowl of plain milk of your choice such as full fat or skim milk. Warm the milk a little then put one teaspoon of plain yogurt paste in milk and mix thoroughly. Keep aside this milk bowl in warm place for five to six hours. It takes time to set according to the climate. If the climate is cold it takes longer time to set. Once the yogurt get ready immediately put in refrigerator, otherwise it will turn sour.

You can incorporate yogurt in various recipes and avail the health benefits of yogurt. You can make many types of yogurt drink and dips.

Yogurt dip


Take a bowl of yogurt and churn lightly with spoon or blender, add salt per taste, ¼ teaspoon of black pepper powder, half teaspoon of honey and mix properly. Now take a small size of cucumber, grate the cucumber and add in yogurt, mix properly. Put in refrigerator till it gets cold then take for use. In warm climate this the best dip to have with chips, any vegetable stick, fritters or any kind of starters.

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