Health benefits of Rolled Oats

The cereal Avena sativa is commonly known as oats and is consumed as Oatmeal/Rolled Oats. They are the main ingredient in breakfast, and they are eaten as porridge. Rolled Oats are used in baking dishes like cakes, bread, cookies. Australian cookies called Anzac are very traditional and delicious. Oats have become very famous health food in the last couple of decades.

Nutritional Value:

Calorie count – One cup of Rolled Oats consists of 307 calories.

Fibre content – One cup of Rolled Oats contains 81 grams of fibre. The oats are packed with a type of tissue named beta-glucan. This thread is helpful to lower bad cholesterol.

Minerals – Rolled Oats consist of magnesium, zinc, fibre, phosphorus, selenium, and manganese. Oats are also packed with Vitamin E, flavonoids, carotenoids, and polyphenols.

The probable health benefits are:

1. Obesity and digestion

According to a study conducted and reviewed in the British Journal, they can play a vital role in enhancing satiety and metabolic health. Whole grains are always recommended for their effects on the gastrointestinal tract. They are also useful for improving immunity and reducing the risk of chronic disease and obesity.

The research states that eating whole grain foods can lower BMI (body mass index). Eating a Rolled Oat increases the feeling of fullness and reduces hunger pangs. They have a compound known as B-glucan which reduces appetite and enhances the hunger-fighting hormones cholecystokinin.

2. Blood pressure

A published article in American Journal says that when whole grains are included in diet such as Rolled Oats, it is as effective as consuming anti-hypertensive medicine. Rolled Oat is a rich source of soluble fibre. Hence eating oats can reduce coronary heart disease. You can also see benefits of lemon water.

 you can know health benefits we can get from oats by watching this video

3. Beneficial for children

Rolled Oats when eaten as breakfast give an excellent source of energy to children. It helps in increasing their memory. A bowl full of porridge can keep power intact for four hours. They improve concentration, makes teeth stronger, and also makes the nervous system healthy. Do you know benefits of oats with milk.

4. Benefical for elders

They are introduced in the diet of old as it is an excellent source of carbohydrates; it satisfies the appetite for several hours. The goodness of Rolled Oats helps to keep you energetic and young.

5. Beneficial for athletes

Rolled Oats is a breakfast choice for many athletes because of various health benefits it provides; it is a great protein and carbohydrate source. When eaten before one hour of any moderate intensity exercise increases the performance level because it alters metabolism.

6. Beneficial for good sleep

Rolled Oats are taken as a breakfast food, but in Scotland, oats are recommended to consume at evening for better sleep. According to studies, Oats contain complex carbohydrates and melatonin, that initiate tryptophan which gets into your brain and enhances your sleep. Furthermore, Rolled Oats consist of many Vitamins that aid the production of serotonin in the brain.

7. Rolled Oats for Diabetes

Almost all of us have experienced mid-morning slump due to sugary breakfast, with oats it does not happen because of the high content of soluble fibre, sugar is released slowly in the blood hence low glycemic index.

8. Rolled Oats for immunity

Oats have a fiber called beta glucan which makes neutrophils travel to an area of infection quickly and increases their ability to remove the bacteria.

Rolled Oats are loaded with antioxidants called avenanthramide, which are unique to oats. Antioxidants are essential because they guard the cells against free radicals. They are molecules you make through metabolism and expose you to environmental toxins. Free radicals are dangerous; they increase your risk for heart disease and cancer.

Antioxidants avenanthramide stop inflammation and increase your production of nitric oxide, which protects hardening of your arteries. Research has shown in 2010 in “Nutrition and Cancer” that avenanthramide in Rolled Oats prevents the spread of colon cancer cells.

If you watch closely on the labels of some of your face creams, scrubs, and lotions, you will find crushed Rolled Oats in them. At some point in past, someone decided how great oatmeal is for the dry, itchy and irritated skin. Rolled Oats contain the starchiness which creates a layer that allows the skin to hold its moisture, while the rough, fibrous husk of the Rolled Oat acts as an exfoliant.

I am a Rolled Oats’ fan ever since as a kid. Mother would always sing praises about its health benefits. Years later while giving a lot of competitive exams, I found that I needed something that was more filling and less “sugary,” and then I started eating Rolled Oats before exams. There was a lot of difference in my performance and energy levels.


Written by Ashley Grace

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