10 Kombucha Benefits

Before straight away moving on to Kombucha Benefits, let us first know what Kombucha is?

Kombucha is a probiotic, fermented drink. It is also called as Kombucha mushroom. It is made from white, green or black tea. It is fermented for a week with sugar, and fungal cultures contain a mixture of yeast and bacteria. It started its existence from northeast China 1000 years back; this fungus has unique and refreshing taste and lots of medicinal value. It originated in China, but due to its medicinal benefit, countries like Europe, Germany, and Russia started appreciating Kombucha. Depending on tea it tastes somewhat like champagne and apple cider.

Kombucha Benefits are enormous that varies from lowering cholesterol, detoxification, restoring bowel movements, reducing arthritis pain, and relief from digestive troubles. Kombucha is rich in Antioxidant and has anti-microbial compounds and cures various conditions like cancer and diabetes and maintains the immune system and makes you cellular healthy. Kombucha Drink is powerhouse packed with many good things like vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 B12 and C, minerals, and chemicals such as fructose acid-glycolic, acid, oxalic acid, acetic acid, lactic acid and healthy live enzymes.

Here are 10 Kombucha Benefits:

1. Kombucha Benefits as Antioxidants:


Kombucha consists of massive amount antioxidants including organic acids, beta-carotene, and vitamins E & C. Kombucha also contains antioxidant like polyphenols and many other similar compounds. Because of its antioxidant properties it watches out free radicals and neutralizes its effect to protect the body from inflammation and disease. Kombucha Tea is more potent than any other plain Tea.

2. Kombucha Benefits for Detoxification:

Kombucha has an incredible capacity to detoxify the body. It contains a big amount of detoxifier known as glucuronic acid which merges the toxins entering the liver and removes them out of the body through kidneys, which reduces the pressure on the pancreas and keeps the liver hale and hearty. Kombucha can also prevent from the dangerous environmental pollution caused by toxins and products like resins, plastics, etc.

3. Kombucha Benefits in Digestion:


Kombucha Tea is useful in healthy digestion, because of its probiotic properties. It promotes a healthy gut and gives relief from diarrhea and constipation. The enzymes in Kombucha increase the result of glucuronic acid and help in the breakdown of saccharides and proteins, which aids efficient digestive system.

Here are top 10 benefits of Kombucha tea


4. Kombucha Benefits for Atherosclerosis:


In a medical trial, engaging 51 atherosclerotic patients with moderate to high level of cholesterol, Kombucha helped to decrease the levels to normal. Studies show that drinking Kombucha regularly increases the level of HDL and reduces the levels of LDL cholesterol.

5. Kombucha Benefits for Arthritis:


Glucosamine in Kombucha is beneficial in the treatment of arthritis. Glucosamine stimulates hyaluronic acid production and is useful in providing relief in arthritic pain and maintains cartilage structure. Hyaluronic acid in Kombucha helps in decreasing free radicals impact and preserve elasticity and lubrication of joints.

6. Kombucha Benefits for Diabetes:


Research done in 1929 found that Kombucha can reduce blood sugar levels. The study suggests that Kombucha can be used for the treatment of diabetes. Its therapeutic properties are effective in suppressing the factors involved in diabetic patients. It is also a known fact that Kombucha Tea brings about healing functions on the pancreas of diabetic patients and is also useful in guarding the kidney and liver functions by decreasing the urea concentration and other unreasonable activities happening in the plasma membrane.

7. Kombucha Benefits for Immunity:


Stress is harmful to the immune system, but Kombuchas are packed with vitamin C which supports immunity.  Its antioxidant properties protect against tumors, cell damage, suppressed immunity, and inflammatory disease. Since Kombucha is rich in antioxidants, it boosts the energy level and immune defense system of the body. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial compound helps to curb viral infection and bacterial infection. Drinking Kombucha regularly improves the immunity system and mechanism of the body.

8. Kombucha Benefits for Anemia:


Kombucha contains Organic acids which convert trivalent iron compounds from plant sources to divalent iron ions. Therefore, iron from plant sources is available to the body, and vitamin C increases the iron absorption. Researchers found out that Kombucha is especially useful for people who are vegetarian and elderly people because it increases the absorption of iron and is helpful to prevent iron deficiency.

9. Kombucha Benefits for Nervous System:


Kombucha contains amino acids, ascorbic acid methylxanthine alkaloid, and B vitamins (including folic acid-B9), essential for metabolism in the nervous system. It may help to prevent nervousness, headaches, and epilepsy. It may also stop depression in the elderly.

10. Kombucha Benefits for Energy:


Kombucha lays out iron from black tea, which helps to improve hemoglobin level of blood and also increase oxygen flow to tissues.  It also betters the absorption of other non-heme (plant-derived) iron.


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