Surprising Health Benefits of Edamame

Edammame is immature soybeans, they have green color. It is eaten in Asian countries, but because of its health benefits it’s become popular in Western countries as well.

Benefits of edemame are various such as, it improves the bone health, boost up your immune system, and improve the digestive and cardiovascular system. It also inhibits the growth of cancerous cells.

Nutritional facts of edamame


Edamame beans are rich source of protein, dietary fiber, vitamins B6, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid and vitamin E. It also has carbohydrates, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, copper and zinc.

Herein are the Surprising Health Benefits of Edamame:

Skin health


Skin is one of the longest organs of your body and is more susceptible to any kind of external damage. Regular consumption of edemame helps to keep up the health of skin and repairs the damaged skin because of antioxidant content in it. Edamame beans contain a special substance called isoflavones which is useful to end the problems in post menopause.

Rich source of protein


Protein is very essential for maintaining good health. Vegetarians have limited options of protein consumption. Edemame beans are the answer for vegans and vegetarians because it is great plant based source of protein.

Decrease the chances of breast cancer


One of the important benefits of edemame is it reduces the risk of contracting breast cancer. Edemame has substance called isoflavones which resembles estrogen female sex hormones. Studies and research suggests that regular consumption of isoflavone rich foods protect against breast cancer in later life.

 watch this video to know top 10 health benefits of Edamame Beans

Boosts immunity system


Edemame nutrition is useful to enhance and boost your immune system. Strong immune system helps to fight against microorganism and prevents your body from infections and inflammations.

Bone health


Benefits of edamame on bone is tremendous, as it has calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin E and many other nutrients which is required to keep up healthy bones. Intake of edemame provides the nutrients and strengthens the bones and bone density.

Maintains weight


For all of you who have problem in managing their weight, edamame is the solution. It is full of high protein and also calories in edamame are pretty low. You can eat edamame as a snack in between your meals.

Helps to decrease the symptoms of menopause


When women stops menstruating that process is called menopause. And when the process is happening you undergo lot many symptoms such as, sweating, mood swings and hot flashes. Studies suggests that isoflavones in edamame is responsible to cut the menopause symptoms in many women’s.

Decrease the chances of prostate cancer


Benefits of edamame are just not confined to women, but also benefits men. It helps protect against cancer and lowers the chances of prostate cancer.

Improves cardiovascular health


Eating edamame regularly maintains the blood sugar levels which automatically decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Studies and research have also found out that edamame is also considered to cut the cholesterol levels. It has protein, dietary fiber and antioxidants which help to lower the cholesterol levels. It also have some plant compounds that enhance the blood lipid profile.

Improves digestive health


Benefits of edamame include improved digestive health. It is great source of dietary fiber that is useful to prevent bloating and constipation and facilitates good digestion. Fiber in edamame also plays a big role to support cholesterol.

Improves lung functions


Edamame contains genistein that may help to cut the symptoms of asthama. It also helps to improve lung functions.

Maintains blood sugar levels


Those of you who eat quickly digested carbohydrates are prone to fall ill often and the chances of incurring chronic diseases are more in them. It is due to the food which digests fast spikes the blood sugar levels. If you snack on edamame it does not spike your sugar level and it falls under low glycemic food. Therefore it is good for diabetes patient as well as who is on low carb diet.

How to buy and store edamame


Edamame is easily available in grocery stores across the globe. You can buy frozen or fresh and store in refrigerator.

How to prepare edamame


First in pan take plenty of water put edamame with the pods intact, put some salt and boil for few minutes. You can now take out the beans from pod and eat.


You can also microwave fry in pan. It can be used in various recipes in different cooking styles.


Benefits of edamame is many, it is nutritious, tasty, low calorie food. Can be eaten as snak or can be included in meals.

Written by Ashley Grace

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