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Wow! Papaya seeds and honey is a combination that can do these miracles

Papaya seeds and honey

In ancient times people used to be dependent on natural remedies to cure various illness. Again you and I have started taking interest in natural medication and its importance. Research and studies suggest that many of the diseases can be cured by the ingredients found in our kitchen. The combination of papaya seeds and honey is considered to have numerous health benefits. It keeps your kidney and liver healthy. Papaya seeds and honey keeps your immunity strong and decreases the inflammation of the joints. It also helps in digestion and fights against the parasites in the intestine for instant results here are some organic supplements which were frequently used.

  • Herein are the Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds and Honey:

Helps in weight loss


Papaya seeds and honey aids in weight loss as it contains potassium and healthy lipids. Papaya seeds and honey together can enhance your metabolic rate which leads to weight loss.

Not only this, watermelon benefits weight loss and cinnamon benefits weight loss in many ways.

Method to eat papaya seeds and honey for weight loss

Take few papaya seeds and, one teaspoon of honey. Mix together and consume daily for 15 days.

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Decrease the joint inflammation


One of the main nature of papaya seeds is it helps to curb inflammation as it has anti-inflammatory properties. In combination with honey, it reduces the symptoms of arthritis, swelling, redness, and pain in the joints. Papaya seeds benefits are many and it is one of them.



It is known to cleanse your system because it contains antioxidants and when mix together can flush out the toxins from your body. It maintains and keeps your vital organs healthy.


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Improves the functions of the Digestive system


Papaya seeds and raw papaya is rich source an enzyme called papain which helps in digestion. It should be avoided by a couple who is trying to conceive and also by a pregnant lady.

Method to use papaya seeds and honey to improve the functions of the digestive system

Take few papaya seeds and crush them, then take one teaspoon of honey. Mix together this two ingredients properly and eat immediately.

Gives relief in cancer symptoms


A papaya seed contains isothiocyanates which are helpful to curtail the growth of tumors and cancer cells. It is useful in preventing breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and leukemia. Do you know how to eat papaya?

Treats viral infections


A papaya seed aids to fight viral infections and is used to treat typhoid, dengue, and many other viral diseases. Papaya fruit benefits a lot in various ways.

Method to use papaya seeds and honey to treat viral infections

Take a few seeds crush them, add one tablespoon of milk. Mix properly and consume. This mixture will give relief from typhoid fever. Not only with papaya, almond milk benefits and benefits of oats with milk are also many.

Aids to kill harmful bacteria


A tiny amount of papaya seeds can kill dreadful bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli, and Staphylococcus. Do you know when is a papaya ripe?

Helps to build muscles


The mixture of papaya seeds and honey can help to build muscles because of its protein content. It nourishes the muscle tissue and tones them. Do you know about papaya seeds for weight loss?

Decreases fatigue


Papaya seeds and honey contains glucosinolates which are responsible to nourish your body cells and helps to energize the body and fight with fatigue.

Helps to heal liver cirrhosis


Papaya seeds are known to heal liver cirrhosis and regular consumption of seeds in a small amount can detoxify your liver and body and prevents liver diseases.

Method to use papaya seeds to heal liver cirrhosis

Take a few seeds approximately 4 to 5 seeds, crush them properly. You can mix the crushed seeds to juice or soups and consume daily for 30 days. Just make sure to keep the quantity small only 4 to 5 seeds daily.

Aids as natural contraception


A papaya seed is used to protect against conceiving. It helps men and women both and aids as a natural contraceptive. Unlike over the counter contraceptive medicine which has many side effects, it is safe to consume papaya seeds in a tiny amount. In ancient times in Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent, the seeds were seeds were used for birth control. You might not be knowing but papaya seeds for abortion is the safest way to do so.

Method to use papaya seeds as a natural contraceptive

Take half a teaspoon of papaya seeds, either gulp down with water or crush and take with water.

Take this daily for three months it will reduce the sperm count in the male. The effect is temporary once you discontinue eating seeds the sperm count will come to normal and fertility will be restored.

Improves kidney health


A papaya seed is used to keep your kidneys healthy and is helpful to prevent renal failure. It is also used to treat symptoms of kidney poisoning.

Destroys stomach warms


The papaya seeds are very effective to kill stomach worms. Stomach worms can cause havoc in your stomach and your digestive tract. Papaya seeds in combination with honey can destroy the worms and soothes your stomach.

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