17 health benefits you will enjoy after eating Physalis fruit

Physalis fruit is scientifically known as Physalis peruviana.

Physalis fruit is a smooth, round, small yellow berry, enclosed within a husk that becomes like paper on mutation. Physalis grows 2 to 3 feet tall and sometimes grows to 6 feet. They grow in sunny locations, The fruit is yellow in color and surrounded by purplish green calyx, normally in season from June to August. The fruit is native to South America; it is also found in Central America, Australia, Africa, India and Europe.
The plant and its fruit are commonly called Cape gooseberry, goldenberry or physalis, winter cherry and many other regional names

Nutritional value of physalis:

The fruit is loaded with nutrients like vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 and C carbohydrates, phosphorus, protein, calcium, and iron, apart from their taste. The doctor always prescribes to consume nutrition sources from fruits or organic supplements.

Physalis is a good source of nutrients, minerals, vitamins. Consuming  140 gram of this fruit supplies, 3.92 mg of Vitamin B3, 1.4 mg of Iron, 15.4 mg of Vitamin C, 0.154 mg of Vitamin B1, 15.68 g of Carbohydrate, 56 mg of Phosphorus, 50 µg of Vitamin A, 2.66 g of Protein and 0.056 mg of Vitamin B2, 0.98 g of Total Fat and 13 mg of Calcium. With so much nutrition in it, its health benefits are also many.

Herein are the seventeen benefits of physalis fruit which will make you want it more and more of this fruit:

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1. Improved cardiovascular system


Vitamin B1 in physalis is responsible for the production of acetylcholine that transmits the message to the nerves and muscles. The deficiency of vitamin B1 can reduce the production of acetylcholine which makes the heartbeat irregular and sometimes congestive heart failure. By the consumption of physalis fruit, your heart will become healthy and the risk of heart attack will reduce.

2. Physalis fruit treats arthritis


Physalis contains vitamin B3 – niacin that is considered to enhance the blood flow in painful areas. It is useful to increase the flexibility and reduce the pain. Therefore rather than popping pills of vitamin B3 eat physalis fruit, a cup full of the fruit fulfills your day’s requirement of niacin. Also,Turmeric Tea is helpful to a patient suffering from Arthritis.

3. Weight management


The berry is a little calorie fruit with just 53 calories and one gram of fat. Physalis is also the rich source of nutrients which is essential for healthy living. It has lots of dietary fiber and carbohydrates which keep you satiated for a longer period.

Check this video to know the benefits of PHYSALIS FRUIT:

4. Stronger eyesight


Physalis has vitamin A which is the essential ingredient for healthy eyesight and age-related eye disorder like night blindness, cataract, and macular degeneration. Deficiency of vitamin A can cause difficulty in seeing at night. Intake of physalis regularly will protect your eyes and prevent eye diseases. You should also see health benefits of persimmon tree.

5. Healthy pregnancy


Iron is essential for would be mother and baby’s health and physalis is iron-rich fruit. A pregnant lady’s requirement of iron per day is approximately 27 mg. The consumption of fruit in combination with other leafy vegetables could fulfill the iron requirement and protect the body and makes the immunity strong. You should also see health benefits of Feijoa for pregnant women. If you are not able to fulfill your daily iron requirement then click here to see the doctor’s suggested iron sources.

6. Stronger cognitive functions


Physalis has the proper amount of antioxidant like vitamin C which is useful to remove plaque buildup and combats against free radicals. Eating the fruit on a daily basis can be helpful to eliminate oxidative stress. It helps to avoid and treat cognitive disease like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

7. Treats laryngitis and influenza


Physalis fruit, as well as the entire plant is, has many medicinal purposes one of the benefits is to treat laryngitis and flu.

Method to use physalis plant to treat laryngitis and disease:

Take a plant cut into small pieces. Now take a cup of boiling water add the pieces of plant and keep for 10 minutes. Then strain and drink this water. Repeat this procedure three times daily.

8. Prevents fibrosis in kidney and liver


Physalis plant contains alkaloids like, flavonoids and withanolides which prevent fibrosis in liver and kidney. It can also reduce the fibrosis and studies suggests that intake of physalis in any form protects the body from fibrosis in liver and kidney.

9. Antioxidant

Physalis fruit

Physalis as plant and fruit is helpful to deal with malaria, rheumatism, hepatitis, cancer, asthma, and dermatitis. The research conducted suggests that extracts of physalis have ethanol that is responsible for inhibiting all these diseases.

10. Treats diabetes

Physalis fruit

Physalis plant and fruit are used to prevent and protect from diabetes mellitus.

Method to use physalis plant to treat diabetes:

Take fresh physalis plant cut into small pieces keep aside. Take a cooking pan adds two cups of water and add one tablespoon of pieces of plant. Now boil this water till it becomes one cup. Let it cool, then strain and drink. Drink this concoction first thing in the morning.

11.Healthy snack alternative

Calorie content of Physalis is very low, just 53 calories. It can prove to be a good alternative for snacks whose calorie content is very high. You can eat this fruit without worrying about the effects it would be having on your health, but be careful, too much of anything can be very harmful.

12.Supports the DNA Repairing process

According to studies conducted by scientists, it was proven that physalis contains a good amount of Vitamin B complex. One of the major functions of physalis is that it helps in repairing DNA cells.

13.Boost the immune system

We all know that Vitamin C helps to improve the immune system, but what we don’t know is physalis also contains Vitamin C. however harsh the weather is and however capable it becomes to give us flu, consumption of Physalis will make your immune system stronger and the ability to fight the virus will improve drastically.

14.Slow the spread of cancerous cells

Physalis contains withanolides; this is an organic compound which is a good anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. It fights cancerous cells and sometimes slows down the rate of their production. Though it is not as effective as Chemotherapy or radiation therapy but it can definitely improve their efficiency.

15.Reduce hypertension

Physalis is a good anti-inflammatory agent; it reduces the inflammation in blood vessels which in turn reduces hypertension. Eat the fruit regularly to gain the benefits.

16.Accelerates wound healing

Vitamin C present in physalis has another function too. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation properties kindle the production of collagen tissues helping in the healing of wounds. It also keeps the skin young and elastic.

17.Lowering of blood pressure

Anti-inflammatory agents and anti-oxidants present in physalis help to get rid of excess cholesterol from the blood vessels which lowers the blood pressure.

Some other uses and benefits of physalis:

Other than the fruit the leaf of the plant is also used for the application of any inflammation to heal, predominantly in South Africa. In Colombia, the decoction of leaves is taken as its diuretic property is very well known by the people. In India, it is used to treat jaundice. It is also used as an anticancer, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory. It is also used to treat leukemia, hepatitis, asthma, rheumatism and many more diseases. It has a high rate of nutritional value.

Physalis is a kind of drug nourishing crops. The fruit consists of two times the quantity of Vitamin C as that in lemons.Apart from leaves, fruits, stems and also roots also provide recovery power. This particular plant is definitely a 12-monthly shrub vegetation, that is regarded as weeds.

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Interesting facts of physalis:

The appearance of the physalis plant looks so beautiful that it is also used as a decorative plant.

Word of caution(Physalis fruit side effects) :

Always eat physalis fruit when it is ripe as an unripe fruit is poisonous to few people.

How to eat Physalis fruit and Physalis recipe

The fruit can be used like the tomato. Once extracted from its husk, it can be eaten raw and used in salads. Some varieties are added to desserts, used as a flavoring, made into fruit preserves, or dried and used like raisins. They contain pectin and can be used in pie filling.

Side effects of eating Physalis fruit

    • Physalis contains a generous amount of antioxidants which is good for health. But studies have proved that high contents of antioxidants are likely to damage to healthy cells of the body, which ultimately is not healthy for the body. Avoid eating the fruit in high quantity.
    • This fruit has rich calorie contents and dietary fibers, hence consumed in large quantities can result in gaining weight.
    • Hypoglycemia is a disease caused by low sugar content in blood. Low glycemic index of physalis fruit can be a reason for low sugar if eaten in good amount.



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