11 Health Benefits of Eating Guava

Health Benefits of Eating Guava

A guava is a tropical fruit which generally grows in tropical areas. They are pear or round in shape and comes in an array of colors like green, yellow, red and the flesh inside also varies according to its type. Guava has hard seeds within its pulp and benefits of eating guava are many.

Benefits of eating guava are many such as it treats constipation as well as diarrhea. It is a great fruit for weight loss, improves skin texture etc.

Nutritional facts of guava:

Guava nutrition facts include nutrients like vitamin A, B6, riboflavin and thiamin, folate and vitamin C. It contains minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. It is also a rich source of dietary fiber.

Herein are the Benefits of Eating Guava:

Improves Eyesight:


Guava contains vitamin A which is known to be responsible for improving eyesight. Benefits of eating guava are considered to reduce the symptoms of cataract and macular degeneration and boost your eye health.

Prevents Type 2 Diabetes:


Eating guava regularly when it’s in the season can be really helpful to prevent the occurrence of type 2 diabetes. Guava contains a high amount of dietary fiber which is used to reduce blood glucose level of your body.

Research and studies suggest that drinking guava leaf tea is effective to lower the blood sugar level. Just boil a cup of water with guava leaf, and then let it cool a bit and drink warm guava leaf tea.

Skin Health:


Benefits of eating guava include skin care as the fruit is astringent in nature. Immature guavas are more astringent. Guava leaves for skin are also pretty beneficial, just put guava leaves in a jug of water overnight and rinse your face with that water next day. This water will aid as natural astringent and tighten your skin. You can also try oils like olive oil for skin, coconut oil for skin, avocado oil for skin and almond oil for skin. Other than these oils cinnamon benefits for skin and benefits of green tea for skin and apple cider vinegar benefits skin are also widely known.

Here are top 10 healthy benefits of eating Guava:

Treats and Prevent Constipation:


Guava is loaded with dietary fiber, so it aids as a natural laxative. Consumption of guava gives bulk to the stool and makes the bowel movement smooth and easy. It cleanses your intestine and retains water in the body. Here is how to relieve gas fast and the top positions to relieve gas.

Treats Diarrhea and Dysentery:


Guava fruit contains astringent properties which are used to cure digestive disorders and stomach upset. The immature guavas have more astringent compounds so chew and eat raw guava or chew guava leaves to give bulk to loose bowels and decrease the symptoms of dysentery. Guava also is a rich source of vitamin C, potassium and carotenoid that helps to make the digestive system strong by disinfecting microbial growth and flushing out extra mucus from your intestine.

Dental Health:


Benefits of eating guava are many but its leaves also have many health benefits. Consumption of guava leaf juice can treat oral ulcers, bleeding or swollen gums and toothache. And when applied topically it can accelerate the healing process of wounds. The fruit is packed with so many nutrients that it aids as a shield against bacterial infections. Benefits of cranberry juice prevent tooth decay.

Prevents and Treats Cough and Cold:


Immature guava is very effective to relieve colds and cough by decreasing the mucus formation and by disinfecting throat, respiratory tract, and lungs. Raw guavas have astringent properties and also has a high amount of vitamin C which is helpful to prevent viral fever. Do not eat ripe guavas if you have a cough and colds as it can aggravate your cough further. Drink water after sometime when you eat guava because if you drink water immediately, it may give you a sore throat. You can look for the essential oils for a cough, essential oils for sore throat and essential oils for colds.

Prevents Cancer:


The research and studies have found out that guava can stop the growth of cancerous cells. It is especially effective in breast cancer, prostate cancer, and oral cancer. A guava also contains lycopene an antioxidant which inhibits the metastasis of cancerous cells. Guava leaves are equally important and have medicinal value. Fruits like pomelo fruit and passion fruit benefits also help in preventing cancer.

Improves Thyroid Health:


Guava contains copper that regulates hormone production and balance metabolism and absorption. The thyroid plays a major role to control metabolism and energy, therefore incorporating fresh guava in your daily diet is highly recommended.

Improves Brain Health:


One of the important benefits of eating guava is it enhances your concentration power and relax your nerves. Guavas contain vitamin B3 and B6, vitamin B3 is considered to enhance the blood flow and improves your cognitive functions. Vitamin B6 is responsible to provide nutrients to brain and nerves.

Reduce the Pain During Menstruation:


Guava leaves extract gives relief in pain and stomach cramps during menstruation. You can also drink guava leaf tea for comfort.

Guava is an excellent and yummy fruit which is loaded with lot many nutrients. They are packed with fiber and are low in calories, you should definitely incorporate guava in your daily diet.

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