9 Health Benefits of Chlorella

Health Benefits of Chlorella

Chlorella is freshwater algae and is native to Japan and Taiwan. It is considered to be a superfood as it has phytonutrients, amino acids, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, vitamin B complex and minerals such as biotin magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. Chlorella detoxes the body from heavy metals such as mercury and lead from your body. It has a dark green color which comes from the chlorophyll. Chlorella has a hard wall that people cannot digest to avail the benefits of chlorella you have taken in the form of a tablet, capsule, chlorella extract or chlorella powder.

Herein are the health benefits of chlorella:

Chlorella helps in weight loss:


I am sure you all agree that weight loss is such a difficult task. A study conducted suggests that consumption of Chlorella regularly can cut body fat percentage, lowers cholesterol and fasting blood glucose levels. Health benefits of chlorella also help in improving blood circulation, regulates the hormones and increase your metabolic weight. It also helps to end the toxins from your body. Other than chlorella, you must also consider coconut oil for weight loss, cinnamon benefits weight loss, watermelon benefits weight loss and various other essential oils for weight loss.

When we lose weight, toxins are released from our body, it is very important to flush out the toxins out of the body and stop the reabsorption of a toxin. Intake of Chlorella powder surrounds the toxins and eliminates them from your body and prevents the reabsorption of toxins.

Chlorella maintains the blood pressure


One of the benefits of chlorella is to promote heart health. That automatically leads to normalizing blood pressure. Chlorella has arginine, calcium, potassium and omega 3 acids which protect the arteries to harden. Benefits of acai berry and benefits of beets also help in maintaining the blood pressure.

Many small studies have been conducted on people having mild blood pressure; they were given four grams of chlorella powder every day for 12 weeks. After 12 weeks it was found out that their blood pressure had lowered.

Chlorella improves the immune system:


Benefits of Chlorella intake are, it improves the NK cell activity that is also called as “natural killer”. It protects the body from catching any kind of infections and makes your immunity system strong. Benefits of drinking black tea and benefits of cinnamon tea can also help in making your immune system better.

 watch this video to know Chlorella Healing benefits:

Chlorella prevents and treats respiratory diseases:


Diseases such as COPD- chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma needs to treat its cause, which is inflammation. Benefits of chlorella are such that it aids as antioxidants and helps to cut the inflammation.

Research and studies conducted also confirms that Chlorella has anti-inflammatory properties, that can possibly lower the symptoms of asthma and can also treat other respiratory diseases. Benefits of Cumin also help in treating various respiratory diseases.

Chlorella prevents cancer:


There are many benefits of chlorella, but the most important one is, it fights and destroys the cancerous cells before they multiply and create cancer. It strengthens your immunity system and eliminates the toxins and harmful heavy metals from your body, hence reducing the risk of cancer. Do you know various fruits like pomelo fruit and passion fruit also help in preventing cancer?

It is also useful as a natural cancer treatment, if cancer is diagnosed, and radiation or chemotherapy is used on patients. Then to combat the side effects of chemotherapy chlorella should be used after the consulting the patient’s doctor.

Chlorella maintains the blood sugar levels:


In today’s hectic lifestyle with the lack of proper eating habits, stress, and fatigue, type 2 diabetes is becoming rampant. Research and studies conducted suggest that regular intake of chlorella can regulate your blood sugar level. It also suggests that chlorella can enhance insulin sensitivity that maintains the blood glucose levels. Benefits of flax seeds and benefits of taking fish oil also help in controlling diabetes.

Chlorella aids as anti-aging:


One more benefit of chlorella is to slow the process of aging and give you flawless and radiant skin. It reduces the oxidative stress caused by pollution and improper diet. It has vitamin A, vitamin C, and glutathione that are considered to fight against free radicals. You can see the difference in just 2 weeks of daily consumption of one teaspoon of chlorella powder.

Chlorella improves eye health:


Chlorella contains zeaxanthin, lutein and two carotenoids which protect the eyes and prevents them from macular degeneration. Benefits of black currant and physalis fruit can also be considered for eye health.

Chlorella gives relief in PMS symptoms:


Benefits of chlorella to women worldwide are that it gives relief in PMS symptoms because of its calcium and vitamin B content.

Chlorella side effects:

Chlorella side effects can occur to some people. The symptoms include stomach upset, headache, weakness, acne, shivering, Vertigo swelling in the tongue as well as on face etc. These chlorella side effects could be the result of detoxification program.

If you are allergic to iodine or is on warfarin and Coumadin, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

How to consume chlorella supplement?

If you are taking Chlorella in tablet form than take 3 to 5 tablets of with water every day.

If you are taking Chlorella powder then it is better to add it to your smoothie to hide its overpowering distinct taste. Add a half teaspoon of chlorella powder in your smoothie.

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