How to eat papaya?

Papaya is loaded with minerals and vitamins which is essential for a human body for optimal health. Papayas are originated from Mexico, but also grow abundantly in India, Florida and Caribbean region. Ripe papaya is delicious with its own distinct fragrance and can be eaten as it is or can be used in a milkshake and smoothies. Raw papaya can be used in various ways; you can make a salad out of it or can be used to make vegetable curry. Now, how to eat papaya is our main question.

The whole plant of papaya is used for various reasons. Raw papaya has an enzyme that is used to make chewing gum and dietary sum and dietary supplements. Let us look at how to buy papaya and how to eat papaya?

How to buy papaya?


Papaya has different size and shapes. Asian and Caribbean papaya are large and Hawaiian papaya are small in size. To identify a ripe papaya look out press your thumb on the outer side of papaya, if you feel the tenderness that means papaya is ripe and ready to eat. This was how to buy papaya.

How to eat papaya?

Now we come to how to eat papaya? Take a chopping board, now put the papaya on it and cut vertically into two sections. Then with the help of spoon scrap and take out all the seeds. Now you can either scoop out and enjoy the fruit or peel the papayas outer skin and cut into square or in wedges.

  • Herein are the different ways to eat papaya:
  • Salads:

How to eat papaya- Ripe papaya


The flesh of ripe papaya can be cut into cubes, wedges or slices and mixed with other fruits to make a fruit salad. You can toss the fruits with lemon juice to can add yogurt to make it creamy. You can also add toasted nuts to give some crunch.

 watch this video to know how to eat papaya:

How to eat papaya- Raw papaya


Raw papayas outer skin is green in color and its flesh is white in color. To use in salads cut into julienne strips or thin slice. It can be mixed with green vegetable salads, and squeeze lemon and toss properly. Not only papaya, but papaya seeds benefits are also many.

Sweets and Desserts


All of us face sweet craving so rather than biting on muffins, pies or any sweets made from white flour which is bad for health. Be creative and use ripe papaya in different ways such as take a glass layer with small cubes of papaya. Then add frozen yogurt layer again make a layer of papaya. Fill the glass with papaya layer and yogurt layer simultaneously. This is a healthy dessert and tastes yummy, plus looks beautiful and light on the stomach.

You can also make papaya tart by filling the tart with papaya cubes. You can simply eat papaya with vanilla ice-cream, it tastes heavenly. Another healthy option would be to use for smoothie or milkshake.

Did you know papaya seeds for abortion is the safest way to do that?

How to eat papaya- Savory dishes


Raw papaya can be used in many savory dishes. You can add in the stuffing of spring roll. Make julienne strip and sprinkle on soups. Cut a thin slice of papaya, put lime juice in it, a pinch of sugar, a pinch of garlic powder and squeeze lemon on it mix properly and serve with any kind of deep fried savory dish. And in Mexican dishes cut into tiny pieces ripe papaya flesh and sprinkle in a quesadilla and can also be used in salsa.

How to eat papaya- Plain


Raw papaya can be an ideal snack, just peel the skin and cut into two, remove the seeds. Now make thin slice squeeze the lemon and eat. And for ripe papaya cut open to remove seeds with spoon cut in whichever shape you want and squeeze lemon it and eat. It is important to squeeze lemon because it takes away any kind of unwanted smell and enhance and brings out the sweetness of papaya.

A papaya is loaded with vitamin C and fulfills your daily requirement of vitamin C.  It also contains vitamin A, potassium and is a rich source of fiber. You can also put papaya in superfood category because of its enormous health benefits. There is saying in Hawaii region that eating one papaya daily can prevent prostate cancer and migraine.

Eating papaya regularly can be good for your digestive system. They are full of lycopene which is good for skin health and prevents prostate cancer. This fruit is a boon for vegetarian and vegan people.

This article was all about how to eat papaya?

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