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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Goji Berry Plant

Goji berry plant is also known as Gou Qi Zi, Fructus lycii and Wolfberry is known throughout the world for having some amazing health benefits. Goji berries are extracted from an evergreen shrub of the nightshade family solonacease called Lycium barbarum. It is the same family which produced the likes of tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and eggplants. It has been an integral part of the Chinese medicine for thousands of years and is found in the temperate and subtropical regions of China, Tibetan Himalayas and Mongolia.

Many people use goji berries to treat liver, kidney and eyes and taste sour and sweet and comes in dried form like raisins. Goji berry is considered both a fruit and a herb and includes a long list of benefits.

Herein are the 10 amazing health benefits of goji berry plant.

1. Goji berry plant improves personal well-being


Goji berries are rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals and oils that have a positive impact on the hormonal balance and the overall health. They

are considered one of the nature’s great multivitamins and science has proved that goji berries can just make you feel good.

2. Goji berry plant for treating cancer


Goji berries are packed with anti-oxidants because of their oxygen radical absorbance capacity value. These anti-oxidants are responsible for the removal of free radicals from the body. Over the years, there has been a number of studies stating that goji berries might actually be able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Also, some studies stated that goji berries acted as a catalyst for some medications in the reversal of the cancer cells growing on the skin, kidneys, throats and lungs.

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3. Goji berry plant prevents heart disease


Goji berries are rich in vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron and potassium which promotes healthy muscle and blood function. The anti-oxidants present in goji berries are believed to protect the red blood cells from the degeneration of fatty acids in the cellular membrane which leads to permanent cell damage and cause heart disease.

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4. Goji berry plant for strong immune system


Recent studies have shown that minerals and vitamins present in goji berries are responsible for fortifying the immune system against various infections and flu. Compounds like amino acid cystine and carotenoid beta-carotene present in goji berries are recognized for their positive effect on the immune system. Also, polysaccharides found in goji berries are known to show stimulation of the immune system.

5. Goji berry plant for better eyesight


Goji berries contain vitamin A and are a rich source of carotenoids which may help to protect your eyes from further damage. The carotenoid content in goji berries has been known for its ability to protect eyes from damages due to the age-related macular degeneration caused by oxidation.

6. Goji berry plant for blood glucose circulation


The glycemic index value of goji berry is only 29 and is one of the handfuls of fruits that are preferred and safely enjoyed by the diabetics. The glycemic index when less than 40 is considered low, and it has only 29, which makes it a better option because consuming goji berries won’t cause a spike in your blood glucose levels like some other fruits do. They are also responsible for reducing the insulin resistance.

7. Goji berry plant for revitalization of muscles


Goji berries are known to promote physical strength and a healthy liver function. A healthy liver plays an important role in the removal of additional lactic acid from your system that can cause muscle stillness and sometimes can generate cramps in your muscles. Goji berries make sure that the flow of oxygen and blood is going throughout the body, resulting in prevention of excess lactic production in the muscles.

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8. Goji berry plant to increase the energy levels


Goji berries are a rich source of vitamins and minerals that help in boosting the metabolism. It converts the food you eat into energy instead of storing calories as fat. Goji berries also help in reducing muscle soreness, fatigue and stress resulting in increasing your energy levels.

9. Goji berry plant for a healthy brain


Due to the presence of Vitamin B complex and calcium, goji berries are known to protect the brain against disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Scientific researches have shown that this fruit has the ability to defend the nervous system.

10. Goji berry plant as an anti-ageing compound


The anti-oxidants present in goji berries helps to prevent DNA damage caused by free radicals. Also, the useful amino acids and minerals present in it aid our body in repairing and regenerating cells resulting in slowing the signs of ageing.

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