10 Health Benefits and Uses of Cherimoya

Cherimoya is also popularly known as sugar apple, and it has a green color outside and a sweet and creamy flesh inside. It has almost like ice cream texture. It is native to Ecuador, Columbia, and Bolivia.

Cherimoya contains ample amount of vitamin C which is useful for healing the wounds and forming the tendons and cartilage. It has vitamin B6 that helps to maintain metabolism. It has fiber which gives bulk to the stool and relieves constipation. Cherimoya has antioxidants which fight against various diseases. Jujube fruit and Elderflower tea are also a good source of antioxidant.

Herein are the 10 Health Benefits and Uses of Cherimoya:

1. Improved nervous system

cherimoya benefits

Cherimoya fruit is healthy and nutritious fruit and is especially very useful for people who only eat vegetarian food. It contains vitamin B-complex, particularly vitamin B6 which is helpful to manage neurochemicals of the brain. It also soothes your nerves and gives relief from a nervous disorder.

2. Improves bones health

 cherimoya benefits

Out of many healthy nutrients which cherimoya possess one is calcium. Calcium makes the bones healthy and helps to lead a normal life. It is useful to prevent osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Logan fruit and Litchi Fruit will be beneficial to keep your bones healthy.

3. Active immunity system


Cherimoya fruit consists of vitamin C that makes your immunity system strong and protects against viral infections such as common cold and flu.

4. Skin health


Cherimoya is a rich source of vitamin C which is an essential ingredient for flawless skin and development of collagen and protein that makes the skin supple and elastic. It even eliminates the pigmentation caused by over exposed skin to sun rays. It helps to delay the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines.Wanna know more about tips to maintain a healthy skin?

5. Hair health


The nutrients present in cherimoyas-like vitamin C, iron, and zinc protects hair from wear and tear of daily life. It protects the hair fall and promotes the hair growth. It moisturizes the hair and makes the hair strand lustrous and shiny.For the proper nourishment of the hair, you must use almond oil and coconut oil.

6. Safeguard the hair from head lice

cherimoya fruit

Ripe cherimoya has lot many benefits and uses but to get rid of head lice unripe cherimoya is used.

Method to use immature cherimoya to protect from head lice:

Combine one tablespoon of cherimoya powder with water and make a paste. Then apply on your scalp and cover your head with a shower cap. Shampoo your hair after one hour. This procedure will give a good result.

7. Anti-cancer

cherimoya fruit

The stems and leaves of fruit contain acetogenic hat is useful to treat cancer. The right amount of fiber in cherimoya protects the colon from the toxin exposure. It inhibits the action of enzymes and prevents cancer development. You must include protein rich foods to prevent from cancer.

8. Improves heart health

cherimoya benefits

Cherimoya fruit sodium and potassium that is useful to balance heart rate and blood pressure. Vitamin C content in the fruit is also good for the heart.

9. Improves cardiovascular health

 cherimoya benefits

Vitamin C content in cherimoya enhances the good cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol. It increases the flow of blood towards the heart and reduces the chance of heart attack. The fiber in the fruit induces the absorption of cholesterol.Wanna know the secret to reducing cholesterol?

10. Prevents the hair from premature graying

cherimoya benefits

Cherimoya fruit contains a copper enzyme that is helpful to prevent graying of hair and maintain the natural colour of hair.

You can eat cherimoya as it can incorporate in many recipes to gain its benefits,

Herein are the few recipes of cherimoya:

  • Cold soup

In hot summer days when you don’t feel like eating this soup will satiate you as well as refresh you.

All the ingredients in this recipe should be chilled before you blend them together. Take one large size ripe mango and one large size cherimoya. Peel and deseed the mango and deseed the cherimoya and cut the pieces of mango. Now put this fruits in blender jar add, one cup of apple juice, one cup of milk or coconut milk, a pinch of cinnamon and one tablespoon of honey. Now blend this mixture until smooth. Take out and enjoy the delicious and nutritious cold soup.

  • Cherimoya papaya banana smoothie

Take one small size papaya and one large size cherimoya Peel and deseed both the fruits. Take a blender jar put this nuts in a jar, add one cup of frozen banana. Blend everything till smooth, then add half cup yogurt, two tablespoons of coconut milk and one tablespoon of honey. Blend everything again and take in glass and enjoy the smoothie.

  • Milkshake

Take one large cherimoya fruit, deseed and keep aside. Now take a blender jar put this fruit pulp, one cup of vanilla ice cream and a half cup of milk. Blend everything till smooth and serve. If you want thick shake to follow this procedure, and if you want the little liquid texture to add some more milk and set the consistency and also can put some sugar as per your choice.

Written by Ashley Grace

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