How to eat papaya seeds

Papaya fruit has numerous health benefits, and while eating papaya seeds we always use to discard the seeds. But recently papaya seeds are having caught the attention because of its health benefits. They contain palmitic acid and oleic acid which protects the body from cancer. A papaya seed also contains flavonoids that protect the kidneys and fight against bacteria and virus which cause infection.

You can use papaya seeds by eating whole, or grind and mix with other foodstuff or take as a food supplement. It has a taste of pepper and mustard seeds in combination. It is advisable to eat papaya seeds in the small amount otherwise it can be toxic.

A papaya seed tastes bitter, but small size papaya has less bitter seeds. So initially search small papaya, once you get accustomed to its taste then you can eat papaya seeds from any size of a papaya.

How to eat papaya seeds

How to take out the seeds from papaya


Wash and cut the papaya, then scoop out the seeds with a metal spoon. Then spread the seeds on cloth and rub them lightly. Now put the seeds in a colander and wash them thoroughly on running water. Then spread them flat on a plate and dry them in sunlight for few days. After it is dry you can use them.

How to store papaya seeds


If you are planning to use on daily basis then you can store in refrigerator in airtight container. But to retain for a long time put the seeds in the freezer. You can store papaya seeds in the freezer for a year without losing its health benefits. Papaya seeds side effects are must to consider.

Start with few seeds


On the first week start with one or two seed per day, because your digestive system, as well as your taste buds, will take time to get accustomed to its taste and functions. Just take one or two seeds and chew it properly. Then in the second week take ¼ teaspoon of seeds per day. To make it easier to digest consume with meals containing more protein portion. When you combine the papaya seeds with a protein-rich meal, it improves your digestive health tremendously. You must read about papaya benefits for skin.

Combine with honey


If you feel the taste is too harsh or bitter for you combine with honey and dilute the taste. To get maximum benefit first chew the seeds then take half teaspoon of honey on top of it. A papaya seed with honey has a lot of health benefits such as it a natural treatment to eliminate the harmful parasite from your body and it also fights against harmful bacteria.

Crush the papaya seeds


Take one teaspoon of papaya seeds put it in mortar and pastel and grind them manually into coarse or fine powder of your choice. When using for some specific treatment or otherwise always use freshly crushed seeds.

Instead of black peppercorns use papaya seeds


The best way to incorporate papaya seeds in your meal is to substitute with black peppercorns. Or you can also use both the ingredients in equal proportions. The taste of papaya seeds is way much bitter, so initially use them sparingly. You can also read about healthy and delicious watermelon recipes.

Use papaya seeds in salad dressing

You can use papaya seeds in salad dressing as well.

Method to use papaya seeds in salad dressing


Take one teaspoon of papaya seeds, one teaspoon of lime juice, two tablespoon of fruit vinegar, ¼ cup of olive oil half teaspoon of salt, ¼ teaspoon of red chili powder, ¼ cup of ripe papaya cubed, ¼ cup of onion, one clove of garlic, ¼ cup of coriander, one tablespoon of ginger paste and one teaspoon of honey.

Except for olive blend everything together in a blender till it becomes liquid. Then at last little by little put olive oil and blend properly. You can store this dressing in refrigerator for one week.

You can season your meat with papaya seeds


Papaya seeds contain papain which aids as a meat tenderizer, and also helps to digest the meat. You can season papaya seeds on pork, chicken and also another kind of meat.

Method to season your meat with papaya seeds

Take half a teaspoon of papaya seeds, crush properly and rub on your choice of meat. Give rest for minimum one hour then take for cooking. By this procedure, the meat becomes tasty as well as digestible.

Use papaya seeds in soup and salad

After you make soup of your choice, crush few dry papaya seeds and sprinkle on top of the soup. You also use seeds in salad dressing or can just sprinkle on a plain salad without dressing.

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