Top 10 Dragon Fruit Benefits

Dragon fruit benefits are numerous. They are also called as pitaya, it is sweet and sour in taste, and the most common type of dragon fruit is dark pink or red in color. Dragon fruit is an exotic, tropical fruit and it is mainly cultivated in Mexico, Central America, South America and Southeast Asia.

The texture of dragon fruit is like kiwi fruit; the flesh is white in color and has tiny black seeds underneath. It contains vitamin C, phosphorus, and fatty acid.

Herein are mentioned Dragon Fruit Benefits:

1. Dragon fruit benefits as an immunity enhancer:


Dragon fruit is a rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to boost your immune system. It also contains pytoalbumin and minerals that are helpful in fighting against free radicals. It also consists of vitamins B1, 2, 3, phosphorus, calcium, iron, niacin and protein. All these properties make your immune system stronger. Pomelo fruits and Cranberry juice also enhance the immunity.

2. Dragon fruit benefits to boost your body metabolism:


To run our body optimally, we need to have a proper protein intake. Proteins make our hair, teeth, bones and our internal organs strong and healthy. You get your dose of protein from vegetables, meats, and fruits. Dragon fruit has a good amount of protein which can accelerate your cell repair and strengthen and speed up your metabolism.

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3. Dragon fruit benefits for improved cardiovascular health:


Dragon fruit contains monosaturated fats which are helpful in reducing the bad cholesterol. In research and studies, it is found out that regular intake of dragon fruit can decrease the risk of heart trouble.

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4. Dragon fruit benefits for cancer prevention:


Dragon fruit contains carotene, which has anti-carcinogenic properties that can even reduce the tumor. Dragon fruit also contains lycopene that is useful in preventing the prostate cancer. Research and studies suggest that less intake of lycopene can increase the risk of prostate cancer. Dragon fruit also contains polyphenols a chemical found in nature. This polyphenol helps in protecting many forms of cancer.

Here is the top 10 benefits of Dragon fruit:

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5. Dragon fruit benefits as an anti-aging:


Dragon fruit is packed with antioxidants which are essential in making the skin tight and supple and elastic. A study conducted suggests that your cell membrane requires phosphorus that is useful to prevent premature aging.

6. Dragon fruit benefits for diabetes:


Dragon fruit has lots of fiber. Fiber is responsible for stabilizing your blood sugar level and is useful in balancing the spikes that occur after the consumption of high glycemic food. Regular intake of dragon fruit can reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

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7. Dragon fruit benefits for proper digestion:


Dragon fruit is an excellent source of fiber, which is helpful in promoting smooth bowel movements. Eating dragon fruit can decrease the conditions like irritable bowel symptoms and constipation.

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8. Dragon fruit benefits as antifungal and antibacterial:


Dragon fruit has antifungal and antibacterial properties. This can be useful in the enhancement of the count of white blood cells, which fight against the toxins and stop the growth of bacterial and fungal infection. Consumption of dragon fruit regularly can improve cell regeneration and speed up the healing process of bruises and wounds.

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9. Dragon fruit benefits content-wise:

Dragon fruit benefits with vitamin C:


Dragon fruit is a rich source of natural vitamin C. It provides and maintains the nutrients which come with vitamin C.

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Dragon fruit benefits with fats:


Dragon fruit has fats because of its seeds content. In seeds, there is healthy oil and protein. And in the flesh of the fruit has no oil content. So many fruits have seeds which has oil in, but dragon fruit has thousands of tiny seeds in each fruit. And they are the healthy monounsaturated fats and are not processed.

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Dragon fruit benefits with fiber:


Fiber is an essential nutritive ingredient for everyone. Dragon fruit is full of dietary fiber as 1gram of fiber per 100 gram of fresh dragon fruit. Dried dragon fruit has more dietary fiber depending on its moisture retained.

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Dragon fruit benefits with antioxidants:


Dragon fruit is packed with antioxidants which help in fighting against free radicals that can cause the dreadful disease like cancer. Some antioxidants you get from Dragon fruit are unparalleled to antioxidant supplement. The supplements and pills claim to give an enormous amount of antioxidant may sound appealing, but dragon fruit has numerous variety of antioxidants. On the contrary, supplements will have only vitamin E. In fact, taking a single dose of antioxidant may be harmful than any good.

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10. Dragon fruit benefits for cholesterol:

Dragon fruit benefits for cholesterol

Dragon fruit can be a healthy option to keep your cholesterol level in the check. Dragon fruit is full of fiber and healthy oil.

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