How to Remove Blackheads from nose using toothpaste?

Today I will tell you how to remove blackheads from nose using toothpaste?

Blackheads! Blackheads! Oh, God! They are so painful. How to say good bye to them? You must also be reacting in this way. Correct? My dear readers calm down and take a deep breath because I have a fantastic treatment for blackheads and that too very easy and affordable. I am sure you must be curious to know what that extraordinary remedy is. Without wasting more of your time let me tell you that it’s toothpaste. Shocked! But yes, it’s your toothpaste which you use daily to clean your tooth. All of us want to have a clear, but those ugly looking blackheads come in between and spoil our dream. But, now you can turn your dream into reality using toothpaste, and I will let you know how to remove blackheads from nose using toothpaste? 

Does toothpaste get rid of pimples?

Before that, it is important for you to understand that what causes blackheads. It is a blockage of the hair follicles by sebum and dead skin cells. It is a small pimple without skin and when they come in contact with moisture and air they get oxidizes which results in brown-black color particles known as blackheads.

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Blackheads are usually caused because of hormonal changes, sweat, periods, pregnancy or the usage of birth control pills. Moreover, one of the chief reason could be the overproduction of skin cells by the body could cause severe blackheads.

Let’s now discuss how to remove blackheads from nose using toothpaste?


Before using it, on the area, first try it on the small portion so, that you can understand it has no adverse reaction on your skin. Apply the toothpaste on the affected area and leave it for 15 minutes so, that it can dry. After cleaning it if you don’t find any reactions like irritation or redness then you can try this on the large area. Remove the toothpaste with cold water and use moisturizer to counteract the drying effect of the toothpaste.

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Steps for how to remove blackheads from nose using blackheads

  1. First, squeeze out one part of toothpaste in a bowl
  2. Secondly, add one spoon salt in the toothpaste bowl.
  3. Thirdly, mix both the ingredients gently with little water and make a fine paste.
  4. Fourth, make sure your affected region is wet and then apply the paste on the area. Leave it for ten minutes.
  5. Fifth, after it dries wet your finger and massage the area with soft hands in a circular motion.
  6. Sixth, wash your face and gently rub ice-cube on your affected part. Rubbing ice-cube will help you to close the pore and will avert the admission of dirt.

Check this video to know how to remove blackheads from nose using toothpaste:

Points to Keep in Mind


–    Your nose or affected part can appear to be red but don’t worry it’s normal.

–    Make sure you are not applying the mixture close to eye part as the vapors of mint toothpaste can lead to irritation to eyes.

–    Girls with dry skin must use moisturizer after the procedure finished.

–    Avoid using ayurvedic toothpaste. Prefer using toothpaste which contains mint.

–    Massage plays a significant role so rub gently.

–    Last and most importantly don’t forget to rub ice to close pores.

–    Repeat the procedure once in a week.

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I hope now you are clear with the question that How to remove blackheads from nose using toothpaste? All the necessary details have been mentioned correctly and make sure you don’t miss any of the steps. Trust me, this remedy works very well and serve you with desired results. Keep it trying, and you will agree with me.

Written by Ashley Grace

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