Before Looking for Remedies; Let’s Find the Causes of Dark Circles

Are you suffering from a dark circle? Then you might be in the urge of knowing the causes of dark circles. This article will disclose the reasons behind your dark circles. Most of the people suffer from the problem of dark circles which are found under your eye. They make you look older than your present age. Dark circles are very embarrassing and so are the causes of dark circles. There are some shocking causes of dark circles that will surprise you to a great extent. Most frequent causes of dark circles are too much consumption of alcohol and scarcity of sleep. Let’s discuss the causes of dark circles.

1. Hereditary:


Some people suffer from the dark circles under the eye in the childhood itself. This is because of the inherited trait, through which we get some bad genes from our parents. This can be in your family inheritance. Sometimes excessive rubbing in the eye area can cause inflammation, swelling or broken vessels. But most important factor for causes of dark circles is itching and rubbing. This can give your skin completely dark and bruised appearance. There is a thin layer of your eye which results in the dark circles due to oxygenated blood. Heredity is one of the popular causes of dark circles.

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Let’s see other causes of dark circles:

2. Allergies:


Eczema can be one of the health issues that can lead to the dark circles. But it is not the only one reason. Causes of dark circles like allergy, excessive makeup, bone structure, etc. are found in many people. Some people use makeup for hiding the dark circles, but due to bad quality products, the skin gets worsened. Allergic reactions can be caused due to the makeup process resulting in rubbing, scratching and irritation. Sometimes not exactly the actual skin but deep tear troughs can make your skin have dark circles. But the truth is that it doesn’t have any link with pigment or veins. Did you know about the benefits of coconut oil for acne? There are also some essential oils for allergy available.

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Check this video of Dr. Rasya Dixit to know what causes dark circles :

3. Negligible protection of the skin:


You will be shocked to know this thing that sun rays will ruin your delicate area under the eye. This is one of the principal causes of dark circles. We all live in this misunderstanding that due to skin rays our skin will get brighter but we forget the worst part. Sun has some serious potential to destroy the eyelid skin. It can ruin it in form of increase in blood flow. You can also use these tips to reduce Under-eye puffiness.

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4. Sleep deprivation and stress:


Lack of sleep and oversleeping are the leading causes of dark circles. When you are going through some kind of stress, your eyes are vulnerable to dark circles. Iron deficiency also comes under causes of dark circles. Continuous crying can also lead to dark circles.

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5. Mononucleosis:


These can make your eye look puffy and swollen. When people are suffering from dark circles, it can be partially fatigue. This is a kind of illness that will produce yellowing of the good eyes. Periorbital cellulitis is a bacterial infection related to the eyelid. When you are habitual of consuming salt in excess, it can cause fluid retention in the body.

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