Cystic Acne on Back Causes And Treatments

The Cystic acne on back is one of the extreme forms of back acne, a general skin issue that is caused due to various factors. The firm acne appears as black acne spots, under the skin. The back is a tough region to reach, and therefore topical approaches are challenging to use while treating back acne mainly cystic back acne. Before viewing for your back acne treatment guide, it is paramount to understand the elements that lead to the development of Cystic acne on back and how it should be treated. You must look for cystic acne causes and treatments.

Causes of Cystic acne on back:


There are many reason people suffer from acne in the different areas of their body. Here are some of the reasons why people suffer from cystic acne on back.

1. Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes in the body are the main reason that causes Cystic acne on back among most of the people in their twenties. The changes take place in androgens causes this type of severe back acne. However it is an extreme form of back acne, the harshness differs from one soul to another. At times the back acne takes place just below the skin surface or may be formed slight deeper into the surface of the skin. In maximum cases, Cystic acne on back commonly arises just beneath the surface of the skin and this cause irritation in the affected skin area. Have you ever heard about nodular acne?

2. Inflammation

It is due by the tenderness of the skin cells and excessive emission of oils by the sebaceous glands called sebum. During the hormonal changes in the body, these glands conceal more oil. The discharge oils mix with dead cells which jam your pores and results in the formation cysts. Do you know about papules acne?

3. Stress

Stress does not cause acne it’s the stress which is associated with hormonal changes causes cystic back acne. Pustules acne is also sever.

4. Genetics

Some people suffer from Cystic acne on back because it is the hereditary factor where they inherit excessive sebum production.

There are numerous approaches for handling cystic back acne. Cystic acne on back is relatively bigger and extra reddish than the other acne developments. It is hard to cure back acne with minor acne treatment prescriptions, as the situation is extreme in maximum cases. Cystic acne on back treatments take more time to heal and it needs proper and correct treatment.

Treatments for cystic acne on back


    • Cystic acne on back should be washed on a daily basis with the help of a light cleanser. This will help you to remove the dead skin cells and to get free of the germs. At least do this twice a day for better result.
    • Another way to cure back acne is on counter treatment. Make sure before choosing any product to cure back acne; you have studied the product ingredients wisely and read the product reviews as well.
    • Some natural herbal products have proved to be a good therapy for cystic acne on back.
    • There are some therapies also like laser treatments which help to go to the deeper layer of the skin.

Watch this video to know the treatments for back acne:

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Home Remedies for Cystic acne on back


There are some excellent home remedies which give best results and are even recommended by the doctors. They are readily available and are side effects free.

1. Black currant seed oil

Black currant seed oil will not only cure it will get you rid of the scars as well. Make sure you use it regularly on time.

2. Green tea

Green tea is very much useful for people who are suffering from severe acne such as cystic back acne. It is anti-bacterial and helps in reducing inflammation. Other than treating acne, benefits of green tea for skin are many.

3. Primrose

You must also look for coconut oil for acne, aloe vera for acne, tea tree oil for acne and various other essential oils for acne.

Using Primrose to cure Cystic acne on back is the best remedy. It is known as best skin healing herb and is effective to remove acne scars. Before using it clean the affected area and gently rub the oil in the acne zone. Leave it overnight and wash it gently in the morning.

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