Benefits and Uses of Oregano Oil

The oregano oil is extracted from oregano plant and is famous for its antimicrobial properties. Oregano plant grows in high altitudes and mountains. Oregano name itself means “Delight of Mountains.” Oregano health benefits are numerous and have many medicinal properties like anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, etc. Oregano oil can be used in various ways. Like it can be used as aromatherapy, inhalation, or application.

Herein are the uses and benefits of oregano oil:

1. Anti-inflammatory:


The main advantages of oregano oil are it gives relief and soothes the inflammation externally and internally. Other than oregano oil, there are various other essential oils for allergies.

  • Uses of oregano oil as an anti-inflammatory:

Combine one teaspoon of oregano oil and one teaspoon of olive oil or coconut oil. Mix properly and store it. Apply and massage gently on the inflamed area every day. You can also consume it internally by taking a capsule or in tablet form.

2. Improves respiratory conditions:


Oregano essential oil from oregano plant aids as an expectorant which is responsible for eliminating the buildup of mucus in the respiratory tract. The other oregano health benefits are to soothe the inflamed throat and lungs. You can also look for various essential oils for sore throat.

  • Uses of oregano oil to improve respiratory conditions:

Take a bowl of boil water put few drops of this oil in it. Now cover your head and bowl with cloth or towel and inhale deeply for few minutes. Follow this procedure regularly if you want can also add one or two drops of eucalyptus oil along with oregano oil.

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3. Antiviral:


It has antiviral properties which protect your body from viral infections. It guards you against pox, measles, mumps and cough and cold. The oil enhances your immunity system and gives protection against autoimmune disease and diseases caused by viral infections. By adding few drops of oil in your daily meals will boost your immunity leaps and bounds. There are various other essential oils for a cough and essential oils for colds.

4. Antibacterial:


Key benefits of oregano oil are to protect your body from bacterial infections which give protection against the diseases like food poisoning, cholera, and typhoid. You can take oregano oil in capsule form.

Check this video to know the best uses and healthy benefits of oregano oil:

5. Antioxidant:


The antioxidant properties of this oil fight against the free radicals and neutralizing them. It is also helpful to slow down the aging process. The oil contains phenol that aids as anti-aging prevent the wrinkles and muscle degeneration. It is also useful in treating macular degeneration. You can consume it in tablet form add few drops of oil in the salad.

Helps to lose weight:


There are arrays of oregano health benefits, and one of them is, it is useful in shedding some kilograms and making you healthy and fit. Oregano oil contains carvacrol which decreases the irritation in your white adipose tissue and modulates the genes. It also lowers your cholesterol levels. You can also refer to various other essential oils for weight loss.

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  • Uses of oregano oil to lose weight:

Combine one teaspoon of oregano oil with two tablespoons of coconut oil or sesame oil. Mix thoroughly and apply to your body and massage correctly. Take a bath with warm water after one hour.

Treats skin conditions:


Oregano oil contains thymol which is a natural fungicide and has antiseptic properties. It encourages healing and prevents further tissue damage. The oil also contains terpenes that have antibacterial properties. There are many essential oils for acne.

  • Uses of oregano oil to treat skin conditions:

Combine few drops of oregano oil with few drops of coconut oil. Mix properly and apply on affected area. Coconut oil for face, coconut oil for skin and coconut oil for acne is also highly effective.

Treats a sore throat:


The oil has antibacterial and expectorant properties. Just add two to three drops of oregano oil in a glass of warm water and gargle with it. This procedure is also used to alleviate a toothache.

Enhances the mood:


Oregano oil contains thymol, carvacrol, and terpinene that give positive effect to your nervous system. It soothes your nervous system, calms your mind and gives relief in stress. Just put few drops of oregano oil in the diffuser and soak in, in the fragrance of it. If you want can add few drops of lavender or ylang-ylang oil along with oregano to beat the stress and calm your nerves.

  • Method to make oregano oil at home:

Commercially the oil is produced by a distillation process, but you can also make at home with this simple and easy way.

Take three tablespoons of oregano leaves and three tablespoons of almond oil or olive oil.

Take a jar put the oil and chopped or crushed oregano leaves in it. Now make a bowl with hot water and place the pot in the bowl. After ten minutes the oil in pan heats up, and oregano will also release its oil. Then take out the jar from the pan and place the pot where there is sunlight. Let it soak in sunlight for 15 days. After 15 days strain the oil and discard the leaves, put the oil in a sanitized jar.

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