How To Use Essential Oils for the Best Sleep Ever?

Are you insomniac?


Are you the one among people whose mind gets super-active during the night?

Are you the one who cannot slumber peacefully?

Well, if the answer to my questions is yes, then definitely you are insomniac or don’t sleep for enough time.

And this is something majority of people suffer from these days! It’s not just you.

Stick till the end and I bet you will definitely find a solution to sleep peacefully from today.

Effects of sleep deficiency on your health

sleep deficiency

With busy scheduled lives, we often neglect our sleep prioritizing our work or chores over it, which will, in the end, result into serious health issues and can have the negative impact on our daily activities and chores without us knowing.

Depression, obesity, mood swings high blood pressure, inability to concentrate are fewer among the issues connected to a poor night’s sleep or lack of sleep.

Essential Oils for sleep to the Rescue!


Well, we live in a world where quick performance and faster results are appreciated.

So many people who suffer from insomnia will likely use the prescription medication to slumber themselves in a few minutes.

Though it gives you faster results, it may also come with the side-effects you are unaware of.

So, why not try something natural?

Essential oils are the latest natural way to slumber peacefully.

Though this natural therapy has been making rounds since years, this therapy hasn’t caught the limelight yet.

With recent research back in the year 2014, where the study found other benefits of essential oils rather than just sleep, people found it quite useful than they ever thought.

But what makes it a sleep therapy?

Essential oils are transdermal and work on the body’s physiology in a variety of ways.

The two ways you can use these essential oils to affect your body’s biochemistry is by applying it topically or inhaling them via diffusion.

Research suggests the topical application of essential oil as the most effective one for the people who suffer from sleep disorders.

Research says that the chemical components in these oils enter the bloodstream within 5 minutes of massaging the oil on the skin.

Can its sedative properties have a negative effect on my health?

Well, if something is helping you to slumber peacefully then definitely it contains certain sedative properties, so do the essential oils.

But the crux of the matter is do these sedative properties of essential oil have any negative effect on your health?

It is obvious that the concentration levels of these oils will help you sleep better but soon after 90 minutes or less most of the sedative properties of these oils are eliminated from the body.

So, basically unlike any other sleeping aids, there are no such visual side effects of using essential oils.

Upon that, it can also help people get off of drugs.

What are more reasons you looking for?  

How to use them for better sleep?

better sleep

As you are already aware of the two ways you can use these essential oils for sleep, and through the topical application is considered to be the most effective method, many people dislike the use of oil on the skin or do not have time for the application.

So, if you are one among them, we got you another way of using these essential oils to help you sleep peacefully.

Nebulizers, the most prominent instrument that produces a fine amount of essential oil!!

As it doesn’t use water, the oil is not diluted and is pure when it is released.


Most of the people, especially who don’t have enough sleep are very much sensitive to light at night, so looking for a diffuser that allows turning off the light, would be great.

Some organic aromas make beautiful nebulizers that are furnished with touch sensor light switches.

So, now finally you have learned how essential oils can be your rescue to insomnia and, also how to use them for better sleep.

But still, there is something important you have left uncovered.

Which is the best essential oil?

Though you may find many essential oils on the market, it is necessary for you to use something effective and best.

Aroma Treasures Turmeric Essentail Oil Pack Of 2

Best Essential oils


The list is never-ending, but there is nothing wrong if I mention few among them.


Remember, not every time these essential oils can be the rescue.

A fraction of better sleep also depends on how you sleep or on what you sleep.

And, if you spend most of the time tossing on your bed, then try using the sleep number bed, which are the most recommended ones for peaceful sleep.

Written by Ashley Grace

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