Top 6 Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is one of the common problems that many people suffer every day and therefore it can’t be attached to specific individuals in the society. Several factors may contribute to shoulder pain, some of which include injuries in the muscle tissues, ligaments or even tendons in the shoulder. These issues may occur due to continuous use of smartphones, tablets or smartphones for longer hours or just sitting in the office for many hours without making any movements. Anyone can be a victim of this condition regardless of their gender or even age and thus it is important to know how to deal with it when it occurs.

The following are the 6 main home remedies to easily relief your shoulder pains:

  1. Cold Compresses
    This is one of the best methods that can easily get you through the shoulder pain you may be experiencing even at home. When the area is subjected to very low temperatures, it can help to numb it and hence reducing muscle inflammations thus relieving the pain. For the cold compresses, you may opt to use any of the two methods below.
    • Soak a towel in a basin containing some cold water and apply it on the affected area for approximately 10-15 minutes.
    •The second method involves the use of ice cubes. The method is very simple but you need to be careful not to directly place the ice cubes on your skin since this may cause frost bites. You may put the cubes in a plastic bag and then wrap it in a thin towel. You can place the thin towel on the shoulder to relieve the pains. You may repeat this procedure every day for best results.
  2. Hot compresses
    This remedy is similar to the cold compresses and can significantly help to easily and instantly reduce the shoulder pain. The method is thus recommended to be used if the injury has occurred about 2 days ago. The procedure here is almost similar to that of the cold compresses.
    • Just put some hot water in a hot bag or even a bottle and then hold it directly in the affected area. Results can be realized after 10 to 15 minutes though it is important to repeat the procedure every day.
    • Using hot showers at least twice in a day can also be very helpful. Running hot water on your body and specifically on the affected area could really help to reduce the pain.
  3. Compression
    This is one of the best tips you may consider in relieving the shoulder pain. You may exact some pressure on the affected area to reduce the muscle inflammations on your shoulder. Elastic bandages can be very helpful in this. Wrapping the bandage in your shoulder can exact equal pressure on the area and hence helping you to ease the pains. However, you need to be careful when wrapping the bandage since tight wraps can result in inefficiencies in blood circulation.
  4.  Massage
    Massage is also another remedy to easily get control of the shoulder pain. You may get someone to massage you gently to reduce stress on the area and thus allow for easy blood circulation hence reduce swelling. You may use some warm oil to gently squeeze the shoulders to reduce the pains. In case you experience severe pains in the affected area, you should stop massaging. Now a day’s various kind of massager in the market, is an awesome site which does a review of explaining your options
  5. Use of hot pepper
    Hot pepper is highly known for having burning effects due to its capsaicin compound. This compound is ideal for treatment of various muscle pains and therefore it can be very significant in relieving your shoulder pain. You can mix the hot pepper with some olive oil and Aloe Vera gel, then apply the mixture to the affected area. You also need to be careful not to allow any contact of the mixture with your eyes, mouth or even your nose.
  6. Use of Garlic
    This is an ingredient you cannot definitely miss in your kitchen, but have you ever known how helpful it could be in relieving body pains? Probably not, this ingredient is ideal to treat various body pains and so shoulder pain is not at all an exemption to this treatment. Let someone massage your shoulder gently using garlic for some time.

Final thoughts

Generally, you can easily manage shoulder pains naturally using some of the home remedies discussed above. They are very economical and no complex issues associated with them. Even after using these remedies, you should try to change your daily habits. Make some movements during your office working hours and also avoid using your phones or laptops for long hours to avoid frequent shoulder pains.

Written by Ashley Grace

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