How to get rid of pimples in one day?

Pimples are little injuries of the skin which can occur by eating junk food or stomach problems. They are sebaceous organs which are polluted with microorganisms, swell up, and afterward top off with discharge. Pimples are commonly known as spots or zits. Nobody likes a pimple and want it to get get rid of it as soon as possible. Today we will discuss How to get rid of pimples in one day.

How to get rid of pimples in one day?

Following steps shows How to get rid of pimples in one day

1. Use Neem-


This is the best and normally used step of How to get rid of pimples in one day. The products made from neem such as neem oil or neem powder are powerful natural remedies for pimples. Neem has many antibacterial properties. Before the use of the neem product, you should wash your face with warm water.

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2.  Papaya –


Papaya removes dead cells and extra fat from the skin surface. In its raw form, it also includes papains which are powerful enzymes that cut down swelling and stops the creation of pimples. That is the main reason why it is usually found in many commercially produced especially in beauty products. Have you ever heard about papaya seeds for abortion. It is the safest way to abort an unwanted pregnancy.

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3. Diluted Tea Tree Oil-


The use of Dilute Tea Tree Oil for acne is an effective treatment to get rid of pimples. Tea tree oil for lice treatment is also used effectively. Some people wonder why you should add oil to their oily skin. But thus dilute tea tree oil is different. It is natural oil which acts as a solvent and penetrates through the extra sebum and unblocks the pores and eliminates the dead cells which result in removal of pimples. There are various other Benefits of Tea tree Oil and Uses of Tea Tree Oil, for example Tea Tree Oil for Hair.

Check this video to know best natural ways to get rid of Pimples in one day:

4. Use Green Tea-


Green tea has the positive impact on the skin when applied externally. It consists of anti-oxidants such as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) in it. It was detected that EGCG present in green tea reduces the inflammation, sebum production and bacterial growth on the pimple-prone skin. Other than Green Tea, Rooibos Tea benefits are also effective for pimples.

5.  Put Aloe Vera Gel On Your Face-


In addition to the antibacterial properties, it also has a pleasant, soothing effect on the skin which reduces redness and swelling from the skin surface. Aloe Vera Gel can be used with some of the other products like garlic or tea tree oil. You can extract gel from the leaves of Aloe Vera and use it to treat the pimples on your face. You can read in detail about the benefits of aloe vera for acne.

6.  Apply Baking Soda-


Baking soda which is the sodium bicarbonate is also the right answer to How to get rid of pimples in one day. It is known as the natural remedy and is very effective for the pimples. Baking soda has antiseptic properties by which it destroys fungus and bacteria. It can be used by forming the paste of the baking soda by mixing it in warm water; the paste then should be applied to the skin for about 30 minutes.

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7.  Lemon Juice-


Drinking Lemon with water is beneficial for removing pimples. Lemon juice is highly rich in vitamin C which is a very effective treatment for pimples. There is also citric acid in it which promotes the removal of dead cells from the skin. You can also add some amount of salt to increase the drying power of the lemon juice if necessary. Benefits of Lemon water are also used for various other treatments.

We are hoping that you have gotten the correct answer for How to get rid of pimples in one day. 

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