How to Heal a Sunburn?

Yes, it is important to come in contact with sun light at least once a day as it provides our body with the most, necessary vitamin D. However, extreme exposure to the sun can cause severe sunburn. Now the question arises how to heal a sunburn?

You might think that how exposure to the sun for fifteen minutes can cause severe sunburn if out in the sun during the hottest part of the day. At that time you might not realize that as the symptoms of sunburn takes the time to appear. The ultraviolet radiation hits the skin cells and damages the DNA causing the burning sensation. At such point of time, the question arises here is How to heal a sunburn? Dear sufferers it’s not that difficult! You can treat your severe sunburns by using these useful ways.

How to Heal a Sunburn?

1. Coconut Milk & Oil


Coconut milk and oil is very helpful for curing sunburn as it contains several other additional benefits as well. It is a source of fatty acid and lauric acid. Fatty acids are found in abundance in human breast milk. Lauric acid plays a significant role in cell repair and growth. Try to use freshly squeezed coconut milk to heal sunburn and it is a, very famous sunburn remedy in tropical parts of the world. It is easily available in the market. Coconut oil for sunburn contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects too. Apply coconut oil on the affected region after taking a shower in lukewarm water. it prevents the skin from drying out.

2. Oatmeal & Lavender Bath


The moment you realize that your skin has sunburn first thing comes to your mind is to take a cold bath and that’s really good. But I would say you to take oatmeal and lavender bath as it is the more efficient way to get aid from sunburn in big spaces of the body. Lavender oil is counted as best comforting for all skin problems in aromatherapy. Lavender oil is an anti-inflammatory and provides you relief from burn pain. Add grind oatmeal powder in water along with few drops of lavender oil. Make sure you stay in the tub for around ten minutes only as longer duration bath will dry out your skin. Next time when somebody asks you how to heal a sunburn? Tell them this fast healing procedure.

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3. Honey


Honey is a well-known remedy for burn also having antibacterial kinds of stuff, it is hydrophilic. It has the capacity to draw out fluid from tissues and is an excellent way to handle blisters. Blister contains a liquid which has substances that support to restore the injured tissue underneath. Also, bursting the blisters will introduce infection to the wound. Apply honey on blisters and you will notice that without any pain it will draw out the water and will make the covering of the blister thicker. you can apply honey directly on the burned skin and can also add the oatmeal powder to it for better results.

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4. Tea


Another great way to deal with sunburn is tea leaves. It can calm skin and take away the burning sensation. Tea contains polyphenolic compounds such as catechins, epicatechin, and tannins all these compounds act as anti-inflammatory and antioxidants agents. They are renowned to have anti-cancer properties against various kinds of cancers, including the skin cancer. That makes them predominantly advantageous here, since DNA injury because of sun exposure is one of the leading causes of skin cancer. Boil 4 to 5 cups of water and add tea leaves or tea bags in it keep it for 20 minutes and then drain. Dilute tea with 5 cups of ice cold water and soak a fresh, soft cloth in the tea and apply to the affected areas. This is another cure for how to heal a sunburn?

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5. Aloe Vera


Another remedy for how to deal with sunburn? Aloe vera is the best and very natural ingredient to cure sunburn and its results are quicker than any other remedies. The leaf pulp of aloe vera plant is considered as the best skin care product. You can use it whether you are suffering from sunburn or not, it will just add beauty to your skin. Aloe vera provides instant relief from the pain and cools down the active area. Even several cosmetic products and medication have a touch of aloe vera because of its rich properties. It is an excellent moisturizer, and the colorless jelly-like substance helps to keep the skin hydrated. Use it twice or thrice a day and observe the magic that quickly it heals your damaged skin. Do you know how long does sunburn hurt.

6. Potato paste


How to treat a sunburn? Confused? Are you searching for a good cure remedy? Here is it. Potato is well-known for burns whether it’s minor or severe it will provide you instant relief from pain. Apply potato paste on the area of your burned skin and leave it for around 10 to 15 minutes and then wash it with cool water. Repeat the process twice a day to heal sunburn.

Written by Ashley Grace

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