Don’t we all just wish that somehow the bed could fix itself into the position we want to sleep in? you might think that that is a dream too far to achieve.

We can’t even count the night we have spent with no sleep and how this sleep deprivation has affected us the next day. All those cranky days because of a sleepless night are unforgettable.



Sleep deprivation is basically the inability to fall asleep at night due to various reasons. That’s not just it, you might even wake up during the night, and that would also be sleep deprivation.

Things like sleep deprivation and insomnia have adverse effects on the body. The brain damage is just irreversible that is amused by such circumstances. This is why having a proper sleep is considered more important than anything else.


You will know that you are sleep deprived through various symptoms. You might think that this is just something normal, but it might not be. Something like irritability, low energy during the day and weight gain are common symptoms. During the night you might also feel that you are constantly tossing and turning to know that you are an insomniac.

The most important thing is diagnosing your problem. There are three kinds of insomnia, transient, acute and chronic. Once you recognize the problem, you can figure out a way to deal with it.


You might think that how would something like turning and tossing turn into something huge? Well, small things only turn into something big. Eating late, looking at your phone before sleep, irregular work schedule or just not having a proper lifestyle can affect your sleep majorly.


It actually can be stress too; there’s always some kind of stress on our minds that makes us stay up at night. Changes like a change of home or traveling too much are also things that can make you sleep deprived. Well, not to worry because there is always hope. You can always fix it all since the whole situation is always under your control.


To solve the major sleep crisis can be dealt with in various ways. There is nothing that has no cure. You can never underestimate the power of an 8-hour sleep and the wonders it can do to you. What we need is a sleep-friendly environment to achieve that.

First off, to kick off those sleepless nights throw away all that anxiety out of your head. To do so, read a book or listen to music or just take a walk in the room. You will feel a little tired soon and would fall asleep eventually. This method is simple yet very effective.


Another thing you could do is add a little meditation and exercise to your schedule so that you feel better by the end of the day. You lose weight this way, and dopamine is released, so your mood lifts up. make this routine regular where you do some exercise daily and don’t work out too much before bed. Phones should also be off limits before bed if you want a peaceful sleep.

A tool that you can use to enhance your entire experience is the Nectar Foam Mattress. There are layers of memory foam used in this type of mattress which keeps you cool through the night. You can check the mattress reviews to see how well people are liking it and make your decision then. A man even said that he can sleep in any spot and position now because of the mattress. It reduces heat, and you don’t sweat while you sleep. Pair it up with memory foam pillow from Nectar which provides ventilation as its made from cooling fabric.

Making small changes like this can lead you to great sleep regularly, and you wouldn’t have to worry about sleep deprivation anymore

Written by Ashley Grace

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