Bid a Goodbye to all your stretch marks with these easy tips and get beautiful again

Stretch marks

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are basically streaks or stripes on the skin. They are mainly seen in the abdomen area. Stretch marks are caused by distension of the skin from obesity or during pregnancy. It may be influenced by hormonal changes. They are the weaknesses in your skin because too much tension has been placed on it for too long.


When are they caused?

Puberty is the main time when people get these marks because that is the time when maximum growth takes place in the body. It happens when you are not factoring while body building. You would not hear these complaints often from a person above 40 because he can’t grow at such speed and at this age period he does not have that kind of mass.


Who all get victimize by these marks?

You can’t find solace in the fact that who gets the stretch marks and who does not. Every person who does an excess of stretching gets it. It all has to do with the composition of collagen in the skin. Men especially bodybuilders get these marks. When they are doing a big anabolic push, they grow a lot, putting on a tonne of weighing. Because of this, they might get stretch marks on their arms, chest, and even backs.

Guys who are working out in Gym and carry a crazy bulk, eat like a horse and grow faster. Hence, when their muscles grow, the skin gets stretch marks.

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How to prevent or cure these marks?

Now that you know what causes stretch marks, next let’s understand how to get rid of them There are various strategies which can be worked upon to reduce the appearance of these marks. But, these techniques are not as perfect as they seem to be because it is almost next to impossible to minimize stretch marks.

The best treatment for these marks is a series of carbon dioxide laser treatment aimed at the skin. The skin has an inflammatory reaction to the lasers which heals and improves the appearances of stretch marks in the body. These kinds of treatments improve the vigor of that deep layer of skin and make the stretch marks less obvious.

Another option is a therapy which causes skin tightening. In this treatment, they take a fractionated beam and bum a tiny hole deep in the fascia but not on the top of the skin and it depends on what they are treating. This therapy doesn’t have amazing results for the stretch marks in particular.


People who go to the gym should have a vitamin intake. Though there is no way to avoid stretch marks but there are ways to decrease their appearance.

These marks are most likely to occur when the skin type is dry and chapped. When it’s dry, the skin loses its elasticity. To improve this, make sure that there is an adequate vitamin intake. Applying moisturizer twice a day will also prove to be of great help.

Stretch marks are difficult to get rid of, but we can surely make it less visible or make it lesser in an amount so that it doesn’t create much of a problem.

Written by Ashley Grace

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