Sun Blisters on Lips

If our lips get red and swollen then it is the condition of sun blisters on lips. In this condition, lips become warm, sore, dry and they have the feeling of tender to touch. Cracking and bleeding are also the part of this condition. Sun Blisters on Lips are the result of damaging effects of UV rays of the sun. Sun blisters on lips are also considered as the second degree of sunburn. In the condition of sun blisters on lips, we should keep our lips moisturized.

We should use anti-inflammatory medication for getting relief from pain and inflammation. We should not use petroleum jelly (e.g. Vaseline) as it worsens the condition. Sun blisters on lips can be cured by consulting doctor or physician. Medicines and ointments are provided by doctor or physician if we visit him or her for treating sun blisters on lips. We can cure sun blisters on lips at home. The home remedies for treating sun blisters on lips are described in the following manner.

1. Tomato


If we want to cure sun blisters on lips then tomato is the very effective solution. First of all, mix 1 ½ cup of buttermilk with 1 cup tomato juice or mashed tomato. This solution is allowed to be applied to damaged area and keep it as it is for 30 minutes. It is required to be washed off with cold water. We can get relief from constant burning feeling by it. Even it is also helpful in the healing process. The another method is soaking of the body into the bath water added with 2 cups of tomato juice for 10-15 minutes. The third method is to add tomato paste with crushed ice and then allow it to apply it to the area which is affected. Look for how to heal a sunburn?

2. Chamomile


The most helpful remedy to treat sun blisters on lips is Chamomile. We can adopt two methods for fighting against sun blisters on lips. Allow the tea bags to be soaked in water. After placing them into a freeze, apply them to affected area. In second method 3-4 drops of chamomile oil are combined with almond oil. The resulting content is allowed to be applied on sun blisters on lips.

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3. Lettuce


The leaves of lettuce decrease the inflammation and pain of sun blisters on lips by its powerful properties. For using it as a cure, we have to boil few lettuce leaves for 10 minutes. Allow them to cool and then we have to wash our blisters with that cooled content every few hours throughout the day. It is helpful in combating the swelling and rooting out sun blisters on lips by the anti-inflammatory ingredients of lettuce leaves. Do you know how long do sun blisters last?

4. Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is good for our health in every respect. Coconut oil for sunburn is highly recommended. lt can be applied directly on sun blisters on lips. The massage of coconut oil by using our fingertip on lips is well suited for curing sun blisters on them. This massage is helpful in curing dryness and accelerating the healing process. Coconut oil has many other benefits also like coconut oil for skin, coconut oil for hair, coconut oil for dogs, coconut oil for weight loss and coconut oil for acne.

5. Turmeric


The antiseptic and healing properties of turmeric are helpful in treating sun blisters on lips. For treating sun blisters on lips we have to prepare the paste by adding turmeric powder with some water. This paste is allowed to be applied on the affected area. Keep it for 10 minutes. Another method is to make the thick paste of yogurt, turmeric powder, and barley. This paste is required to be applied to affected area and then we have to keep it there for 30 minutes. Then we have to wash the lips with cold water. For treating sun blisters on lips we have to perform this activity once a day. Not only turmeric, turmeric tea also has many benefits.

Preventive Measures For Sun Blisters On Lips

Blisters on lips appear due to extreme sunburn. As a result of it, swelling occurs on our lips. The preventive measures taken to avoiding sun blisters on lips are as follows.

  • We should avoid our exposure of the body to sunlight during 10 AM-4 PM. As at that time sun rays are more intense.
  • Before half an hour going out in sunlight we should use sunscreen. That is meant for absorbing the lotion for providing effective results.
  • At the time of sweating and getting wet, we should apply sunscreen
  • We should cover our face from direct rays of sun falling on our body.

Thus, sun blisters on lips is not a serious cause but it can be serious if due care is not done to cure them. In the above-written matter, we have described their home remedies which prove very useful and helpful in curing them.

Written by Ashley Grace

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