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Get IV Therapy in your Choice of Place

Have you been feeling sick recently and are wondering how to get treated soon? Say no to waiting rooms, travel costs, and all other issues related to getting the medication you need. For instance, if you need an IV drip that’s filled with medicines or vitamins for quick relief then you can get the same without moving an inch. Still wondering how? These days, it’s possible to get on-demand relief in the form of prescription drugs and IV therapies right at your office, hotel, home, or any other place of your choice. This helpful service comes at a cost and is backed by ER physicians’ groups that have adequate specialization in telemedicine.

So, if you are looking for relief from migraines, hangovers, flu, headaches, colds, low energy, dehydration, food poisoning, or any other ailment or chronic illness then get at-home remedies, anytime and from anywhere. From IV medics to IV hydration and much more, you can get it all wherever you need it. Here’s how you can get in touch with paramedics and RNs with many years of experience in handling triaging, critical care, and emergency room nursing,

IV Treatment at Home

IV (intravenous) refers to the administration of fluids or medicines via a tube (catheter) or needle that’s inserted into a vein of the patient. This catheter or tube may be a central venous catheter, a central catheter that’s peripherally inserted, a regular IV that can go into a vein found just below the skin, etc. Matt Heistan from says that at home IV vitamin therapy is a rising trend among celebrities. Along with busy corporates and those in the world of entertainment, all those who can afford to get specialized treatment at home are choosing to go the full way with these services.

Why is IV Treatment Taken at Home?

There are several reasons attributed to the growing popularity of IV therapy at home. Most commonly, people who are prescribed high doses of antibiotics, especially those that can’t be administered through the mouth, are advised to go for IV therapy right where they live or work. Another instance that makes it necessary for people to take IV treatment at home is when it’s suggested that they continue with the same IV antibiotics as given to them in the hospital. Once they are discharged, it becomes easy for them to get the treatment they need at home rather than visit the hospital every single time.

As per experts in the field of IV therapy, the infections present in the bones, brain, lungs, as well as any other part of the body, may be treated through IV therapy called at home. Here are some other types of IV treatments that can be given at a place of choice once the patient gets discharged from the hospital. These include and are not restricted to:

  • The treatment connected to hormones
  • Medication for severe nausea caused by pregnancy or chemotherapy
  • Pain-killing medication for patient-controlled analgesia (PCA)
  • Chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer
  • Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) prescribed to the child or mother after coming back from the hospital. This nutritional formula is provided intravenously
  • –        Extra fluids can also be given via an IV

How Can You Receive Intravenous Treatments While at Home?

When you choose to get IV therapy at home, a nurse or other health care experts will visit your place to go about the task in a trained way. In some cases, a friend, relative, or any other person proximate to you can administer the therapy. If permitted by your doctor, you may take the IV therapy yourself. In case there’s a nurse delegated for the task, he or she would ensure that the IV kit and equipment are working effectively and the pipe/ catheter does not have any lags. More so, the IV therapy system should be properly sanitized and clean to prevent any infection.

The fluid or medicine can be administered by the nurse in one of the following ways:

  • A fast bolus, wherein the entire dose is given in a single shot
  • A slow infusion, when the medicine/ fluid is released slowly and across a designated period of time

Ask for At-home IV Therapy

Once the medicine or fluid is received intravenously, the nurse providing the therapy will wait for a while to note bad reactions or side effects if any. With the completion of the task, used needles are best disposed of in a sharps (needle) container. Additionally, the used bags, gloves, IV tubing, as well as all other disposable supplies may be trashed after being packed in a plastic bag. In a nutshell, instead of going to a hospital, clinic, or nursing care facility, seniors and patients are preferring to get their IV treatment done at home. Ask for expert help, today.

Written by Ashley Grace

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