Why You Should Leave Teeth Whitening To The Professionals

We all want a whiter smile, with perhaps the exception of a very lucky few. While there are many DIY whitening treatments around, you are advised to let a specialist dentist oversee your teeth whitening treatment. Here are a few reasons why.

Why You Should Leave Teeth Whitening To The Professionals
  • Choosing the Right Shade of White – Unfortunately, it isn’t a question of the whiter the better. You do need to select a shade that best works for you. We are all different in our own unique ways and rather than taking pot luck, you should consult a teeth whitening specialist if you want optimum results. For the very best results, the dentist might recommend the home treatment that he offers, as well as the in-chair laser treatment he applies at the clinic.
Why You Should Leave Teeth Whitening To The Professionals
  • The Teeth Whitening Gel – The amount of hydrogen peroxide contained within home tooth whitening kits is less concentrated than professional gels, and this does affect the outcome. If you happen to be looking for teeth whitening in Sydney or anywhere you might be, there are specialist clinics you can find that offer state-of-the-art laser teeth whitening treatments.
  • In-Chair Treatment Combined with Home Use – To achieve the very best results, the dentist would recommend a double treatment, which comes in the form of in-chair laser whitening, coupled with home-use applications that are supplied by the dentist. Alternatively, you can have either the in-chair treatment, or just the home application that the dentist prepares, which would obviously be a little cheaper.
  • Free Initial Consultation – Not everyone is suited to laser teeth whitening, and prior to making any recommendations, the dentist would carry out a thorough examination. In most cases, the patient is suitable for the treatment, and the specialist would discuss your options. Once an agreement has been reached, he or she would schedule your first session. If the dentist recommends a particular tooth whitening treatment, then you can expect to see positive results within a short time frame, as the treatment has been recommended by a specialist who has had many years of hands-on experience.
  • Professional Application – While you can buy teeth whitening gels over the counter, the way in which it is applied is important, and the dentist is highly skilled at this. When the gel is in place, the dentist uses a special laser beam that produces the best spectrum of light to best activate the bleaching process. Zoom laser teeth whitening treatment is recognised as being one of the leading treatments available. By choosing a dental clinic that offers this treatment, you can be sure of optimum results.

We all wish to improve our appearance, and rather than purchasing a teeth whitening home kit, you should consult with a specialist who can help you make all the right choices. You really are taking a chance if you decide to apply one of the tooth whitening kits that are available over the counter. By checking online reviews, you will see a mixed reaction from people who have tried DIY teeth whitening.

Written by Amit Shah

Amit Shah is a renowned Diet and Nutrition Counsellor from Mumbai, India and the founder of Where most nutritionists, doctors, and dieticians focus on weight loss as the primary component of healthy living; Amit's focus is on helping you discover and decipher a sustainable, long-term plan for yourself, that takes into account your existing lifestyle, eating and activity habits and even your dietary preferences to come up with a unique, customized solution for you.

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