10 Health Benefits and Uses of Black currant oil

Black currant oil is found from current black seed and is indigenous to Asia and Europe. It is popularly used as a health supplement. The fruit itself is delicious and healthy, and the oil from fruit seed has high nutritive value.

The oil is extracted majorly by cold press method, but another method of solvent extraction is also used. For medicinal value, one must use cold pressed organic oil. They are available in bottles and the form of a capsule.

Black current oil is anti-inflammatory and protects the cardiovascular system. The oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6, and alpha and gamma linolenic acid. The oil is used in European countries since a long time for its medicinal properties.

Herein are the 10 Health Benefits and Uses of Black Currant Oil:

1. To treat skin disorders

Black currant oil

Black currant oil is useful to treat skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis because of its fatty acid content. The omega 3 and 6 reduces the symptoms of skin diseases. It also is useful to protect from dry skin, and dry skin leads to itching and many other undesirable issues of skin.You should also see health benefits of Litchi Fruit.

Method to use the oil to treat skin disorders:

Combine a drop of blackcurrant oil with a drop of almond oil and apply and dab gently on the affected area.


Can also take an oral supplement, but strictly follow the dosage.

2. For healthy hair

Black currant oil

The oil works efficiently to protect and nourish hair and helps to revive splitting frizzy, damaged and thinning hair. The black currant seed oil is full of healthy fatty acids that are helpful to rejuvenate and provide food to the hair follicle. You should not use oil externally as it can damage your hair but is advisable to take internally. You will not get an immediate result but will show positive results in few weeks time.

3. Rheumatoid arthritis

Black currant oil

The oil reduces treat the pain and swelling of joints caused by arthritis. It is highly effective to cure rheumatoid arthritis. It is also helpful to decrease the inflammation caused by gout. However, the relief and treatment of the symptoms of arthritis take time to show its effect. It takes at least 24 weeks to ease and give comfort.

4. The improved reproductive system in women’s

Black currant oil

Black currant oil contains anti-inflammatory prostaglandin which reduces the menstrual and premenstrual pain and cramp and also reduces the heaviness in the breast during that time. It is effective in menopause period women who take the oil have reduced the occurrence of night sweats and hot flashes. Therefore consumption of the oil is good for a reproductive system of women’s.

5. Stronger immune system

Black currant oil

As we grow by years due to wear and tear of daily life the prostaglandin E 2 in your body increases. That leads to the low functioning of immune system. A supplement is taken of black currant seed oil increase the functioning of immune system. It has gamma linolenic acid and alpha-linolenic acid which is useful to reduce the prostaglandin synthesis. Because of this process, the immune system becomes stronger. Regular consumption of black currant oil will make the body healthy and protect from an autoimmune disease like eczema, psoriasis and lupus.

6. Improved cardiovascular system

Black currant oil

Black currant oil is considered to decrease the LDL cholesterol and also influence the serum lipid profiles. This can be helpful and can reduce the risk of heart diseases and benefit the cardiovascular system. It also avoids the cardiac arrhythmia.

7. Boosts metabolism

Black currant oil

The most significant benefit of black currant oil is to enhance the energy level and the rate of metabolism. Black currant oil is of great use to people who are looking for weight loss. It also calms your nerves and gives relief in mood swing issues and helpful in stomach ache, back pain and cramping.

8. Anti-inflammatory

Black currant oil

The compound found in black currant seed oil called gamma linolenic acid is used to treat swelling and suffering caused by gastritis and arthritis. The report of “American Association of Anti-aging Medicines” claims that black currant oil treats inflammation by revitalising the production of prostaglandin 1, which is an anti-inflammatory hormone.

9. Antiviral

Black currant oil

Black currant seed oil has antiviral properties. Research and studies done in Japan suggest that the oil inhibits the virus to spread further by releasing through infected cells.

10. Anticancer

Black currant oil

According to the “Journal of National Cancer Institute” the gamma linolenic acid in black currant oil attack cancer cells without hampering with healthy cells. It is also found that GLA when combined with Herceptin a drug for breast cancer, is much more responsive to fight against cancer cells.

Word of caution:

Pregnant and lactating women should avoid black currant seed oil. If you are under medication, it is better to consult your doctor before using. Before surgery, one should avoid using this oil.

Written by Ashley Grace

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