12 Amazing Health Benefits of Patchouli Oil

Patchouli oil is extracted from the leaves of the plant through distillation. This plant is grown in tropical regions and is widely cultivated in India, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and Philippines. It has many health benefits on body and mind. It has grounding effects on mood.

It contains anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, astringent and diuretic properties. It is also beneficial in treating fever, inflammation, cough and cold, sex related problems and fungal infections.

It goes well with myrrh oil, sage oil, geranium oil, and bergamot oil and lavender oil.

Herein are the Health Benefits of Patchouli oil:

1. Patchouli oil as an Astringent:


The most important feature of this oil is that it aids as astringent. It enhances the contractions on the skin and muscles, which prevents the loosening of muscles and sagging of skin. It also makes your gums stronger. By contracting the blood vessel, it stops the haemorrhage.

2. Patchouli oil as an Antidepressant:


It can calm the nerves and help in getting rid of the feelings of anger, hopelessness, sadness or anxiety. It elevates the mood and invokes a sense of happiness and positivity. It relaxes the tense muscle and stimulates and releases the happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin. That is the reason patchouli oil is widely used as an antidepressant.

3. Patchouli oil as an Aphrodisiac:


It has a tendency to stimulate the reproductive hormones like testosterone and oestrogen that will boost your sex life. It can be useful for both men and women for impotence, dysfunctional erectile and sexual anxiety. Patchouli oil has been used for a long time as a natural remedy to enhance and bring back spark in your love life.

To know more benefits of patchouli oil watch this video

4. Patchouli oil to heal the Wounds:


The oil is used to make the healing process faster of wounds and to remove the scars. It is also effective in treating, eliminating the marks and blemishes caused by pimples, acne and boils or any skin marks. You must read about Frankincense Oil.

5. Patchouli oil as an Insecticide:


It has that property which keeps the insects and mosquito at bay. It can be used by adding the oil as a vaporizer or can be diluted with water and sprayed in the room. It can also be used while washing the clothes, blankets and bed sheets, the smell in the clothes will protect from bugs, moths and all other kinds of insects.

6. Patchouli oil as a Deodorant:


It has sweet, musky, spicy and intense flowery fragrance, by just rubbing a drop of oil will give a lingering scent throughout the day. It is always advisable to dilute it before using because of its strong smell and can hit hard on your olfactory sense. In many cultures, it is used as cologne.

7. Patchouli Oil to Treat Fever:


It can bring down the body temperature during fever because of its anti-inflammatory property. It cures inflammation and treats the fever symptoms. It also gives relief in pain caused by fever and inflammation.

8. Patchouli oil as Diuretic:


It also aids as a diuretic, it improves the quantity and frequency of urine output which removes the toxins from the body. And by eliminating excess water and salt from the body, it decreases the chance of kidney stones and gall bladder stones. Patchouli oil is also helpful in maintaining the blood pressure and increase the energy level and metabolic rate which helps to reduce weight.

9. Patchouli oil as Antiseptic:


It aids as an antiseptic and helps to protect the cuts and wounds to develop infections. And when the injury is inflicted by iron product the chances of wounds becoming septic are more, but the application of oil in affected area will prevent wound turning to septic or spreading further infections.

10. Patchouli oil for fungal infection:


Patchouli oil contains the antibacterial and antifungal properties and efficiently fights against and eliminates the growth of fungal infections. It is helpful in treating athlete’s foot and many other notorious fungal infection diseases. By inhalation of oil and application of affected area will cure the disease.

11. Patchouli oil as Sedative:


When you are anxious about something or just worried about things or may sometimes be due to the illness of any kind you are unable to sleep. It relaxes you completely and soothes your nerves and gives relief to your hyperactive mind. Take a bath with a few drops of oil in the bath tub or diffuse the oil it will make you sleep like a baby.

12. Patchouli oil as Tonic:


It acts as a tonic to the entire body, it improves the metabolic rate, and it helps to absorb the nutrients. It regulates the endocrine secretion of enzymes and hormones and tones the liver and nervous system. It tones the whole body and boosts the immune system.

Written by Ashley Grace

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