10 Amazing Health Benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver essential oil is used for thousands of years in South Asia and Africa. It is native to India, and because of its cooling properties, it is widely employed in India and Srilanka.

It has an earthy, mild and musky scent that gives cooling and calming effect on the body. The oil is taken out by steam distillation from its roots.

The oil is used in aromatherapy as well as has medicinal properties. It is also used in scent or perfume making industries, soap making industries and also used to give flavour to food and beverage.

Herein are the Health Benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil:

1. Vetiver essential oil as Antioxidant:


Research done by a University of South Carolina suggested that vetiver oil has antioxidant properties. It can fight the free radicals. Regular usage of the vetiver essential oil can slow the sign of ageing, detoxifies the body and decrease the chances of cancer occurrence. It can be helpful in calming the nerves before chemotherapy.

2. Vetiver essential oil for ADHD:


ADHD is a problem from which children are suffering nowadays, like lack of concentration, short attention span and get distracted faster, do not follow the instruction correctly, impatient behaviour. Vetiver oil can calm the mind and helps to focus and with the help of certain other essential oils can bring 100 percent results in treating ADHD and make your child a productive adult.

3. Vetiver essential oil to get rid of Termites:


It is useful to eliminate all kind of termites. Vetiver oil fragrance can aid as the repellent for mosquitoes, it repels them, and you are saved from mosquitoes who are responsible for malaria, dengue and many other dreaded diseases. Vetiver oil is also used to kill the head lice and it’s an easy and non-toxic way to get rid of lice.

10 health benefits which we can get from vetiver oil..Watch this video

4. Vetiver essential oil to heal Marks and Scars:


It treats and heals the scars and regenerates the skin. It acts as anti-ageing and reduces the fine lines and pigmentation. The oil also aids as antiseptic, so when used kills the bacteria and protects the skin from infection. It heals the wounds faster and removes any marks from skin. Vetiver oil is useful to heal the wounds which are formed after major surgery and also reduce the pregnancy stretch marks.

5. Vetiver essential oil as Aphrodisiac:


It has a soothing property which makes you completely stress-free. Stress is considered to be the factor for the lack of sexual desire. Vetiver oil is known to raise the testosterone level in male, and in the female, it improves the reproductive system and helps in menstrual discomfort.

6. Vetiver essential oil to treat Anxiety and Nervousness:


Vetiver oil is very effective to treat anxiety, panic attack, nervousness, hysteria and insomnia. Regular usage of vetiver oil makes you focused and gives a calm and composed disposition and balance your neurological actions.

7. Vetiver essential oil to enhance Immune System:


Vetiver essential oil is a tonic to improve your immunity. It stops the damage caused by medicines and stimulates the blood circulation, digestion and overall growth of your body.

8. Vetiver essential oil as Sedative:


In today’s hectic lifestyle and the immense competitive scenario, you are so stressed out and agitated. These affect your sleep pattern and induce insomnia. Rather than taking medicine which can have side effects, you can use vetiver essential oil as a natural remedy to put you to sleep. It seeps into the body and relaxes your muscles and calms you.

9. Vetiver essential oil as Antiseptic:


In countries which have the humid and hot climate, bacteria and microbes thrive there. In this type of climatic conditions, the wounds take the time to heal and also chances of sepsis are more. Vetiver essential oil is very useful to inhibit the growth of staphylococcus bacteria which is the leading cause of sepsis. Just apply the oil in affected area for wounds to heal faster.

10. Vetiver essential oil as Body Tonic:


Vetiver essential oil aids as a tonic to all discomforts and all kinds of body problems and help to run the body smoothly. It improves the blood circulation that is good for the heart and digestive system. And when your digestive system and hearts health is running correctly you automatically feel fit. It is good for your nervous system when your nerves are relaxed and calm; you are mentally fit. Just put few drops of vetiver essential oil in your diffuser and enjoy the aroma with its benefits.


Vetiver essential oil goes well with lavender oil, ylang-ylang oil, jasmine oil and grapefruit oil.

Word of caution:

Do not use in the first trimester of the pregnancy or consult your doctor and use. Always do sensitivity test before using any essential oil.

Written by Ashley Grace

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