All You Need to Know About Rosehip Oil for Your Skin

Have you tried rosehip oil on your skin? If not, you could be holding the oil’s magic from working on your skin to give you a smooth, healthy feel.

Rosehip oil is an extract from the Rosa moschata variety, and it has built its renown from its numerous benefits for you, particularly for your skin.

When you get the cold-pressed rosehip oil which is an extract from the rose flower’s seeds and hips, you benefit from its vitamin E, C, and A, and the fatty acid-rich content. In this post, we will review how rosehip oil is beneficial to your skin.papaya-seeds-for-weight-loss

How Good Is Rosehip Oil?

Rosehip oil is packed with vitamins which help the oil to serve as an antioxidant. Therefore, the oil is an excellent anti-free radical agent. The essential fatty acids present in the oil including gamma linoleic, palmitic, linoleic, and oleic acids undergo absorption by the skin. As a result, the get converted into prostaglandins – these are essential compounds which trigger cellular membrane and tissue regeneration.

Rosehip oil has also been used to delay any aging signs as well as to enhance skin health.

What I love about rosehip oil is the fact that when it is added to Vitamin E, the oil potentially lasts up to two years.

  1. Fights Acne

If you suffer from acne, then experts have good news for you. Acne is a symptom of undernourishment of the skin.

Rosehip carries potent nutrients which serve to fortify your skin using its essential nutrients. As a result, the oil boosts the health of your skin. There is a tendency of excessive oil secretion by an undernourished skin. Such oil triggers the development of acne. As Dr. Axe advises, let rosehip nourish your skin to prevent acne.

The oil will further unclog your pores since it is non-comedogenic. Unclogging of pores eliminates pimples.

Gently apply rosehip oil all over the face using a cotton ball. And wash it off after a quarter an hour.

The oil also possesses significant moisturizing properties which help to combat skin dryness. Although less likely, the oil might leave your skin with a greasy feel and look. Therefore, you can apply this oil 25 minutes just before bedtime, and remember to wipe any excess oil from the face using a soft cloth or cotton pad.

For even better moisturizing effects, consider mixing this oil with hyaluronic acid before using it on your skin. Your skin will also benefit from linoleic acid to treat your oily skin.

With rosehip oil, you can be sure to ditch your chemical-filled moisturizing products. Settle for an all-natural moisturizing alternative like rosehip oil (1).

  1. Fights Aging and Lighten the Skin

Is your skin developing fine lines and wrinkles? Your skin could be showing signs of aging. I know you crave a youthful look, and you would do anything to achieve it. Do not settle for any other product – rosehip is your solution.

The oil is known for its potent anti-aging characteristics. How? The oil possesses vitamin C and A which trigger the production of collagen and provide the skin with anti-aging benefits. Indeed, the plant and soil department of Vermont University holds that vitamin C present in rosehip triggers the elimination of fine lines and around-the-eye wrinkles (2).

The presence of lycopene in rosehip oil also boosts its skin-rejuvenating characteristics. Why use chemicals on your skin when the all-natural rosehip oil could help fight aging?

The oil will also eliminate dark spots which leave your skin with a light appeal. You do not need any bleaching cosmetic products as rosehip oil will naturally give you a light skin tone that is deep in an attractive way to improve your complexion. The oil’s astringent properties play a critical role in brightening the skin as it tightens the skin pores.

   Rosehip Oil for Your Skin Lighten the Skin

  1. Treats Acne and Eczema

Which skin condition do you consider stubborn? Have you used rosehip oil on it? The Maryland University Medical Center reveals the truth that rosehip oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which make it an excellent eczema pain and inflammation treatment .

The oil further keeps your skin supple by moisturizing it. As a result, your eczema is weakened as the skin is kept from drying out.

The presence of vitamin A and C means that the oil carries potent elasticity restorative properties. Simply clean the affected area of the skin and drop three to four rosehip oil drops and allow them to dry out normally. This process is recommended once per day ahead of taking a shower.

It is possible to treat rosacea using rosehip oil. To do this, mix a few almond or grapeseed oil drops with your rosehip oil and mix well. Gently apply your mix to the affected areas. Do this each morning till your condition improves. This mix can also treat pilaris and hyperpigmentation.

If you have itchy rashes, this oil can help soothe them as a result of the anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Reduces Stretch Marks

Nothing drains away my energy like stretch marks on my visible skin. However, I have learned to reduce them over time, and my secret is rosehip oil. The moment collagen and your skin elasticity tear apart, you develop stretch marks which leave somewhat ugly scars on your skin.

Since rosehip can easily be absorbed into the skin, its essential fatty acid content gets to trigger the release of collagen. The epidermis also benefits from the oil as it becomes soft and moisturized.

As the National Health Institutes of the US reveal, moisturizers with rosehip oil content are an excellent treatment for severe scars and stretch marks among expectant women, especially those who have suffered such scars previously. Thus, rose oil has more efficacy compared to placebo in keeping at bay new stretch marks (4).

Also, the fatty acid content undergoes conversion into prostaglandins which are necessary for the skin to reignite its regenerative activity. As a result, your skin gets adequate protection against the possible occurrence of stretch marks.

To reduce stretch marks on your skin, apply a few rosehip oil drops to the areas with scars – including your abdomen and chest. Ladies suffering from melisma –pregnancy-related hyperpigmentation can also use this oil to treat this problem.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated with Rosehip Oil?

Rosehip oil is generally safe for use for all people. However, take care, and contact your doctor if possible if you must use this oil when you have kidney stones, diabetes, or bleeding problems.

Choosing the Best Rosehip Oil for Your Skin

Numerous rosehip oil types could help benefit your skin. Even with such wide variety, there are some types which are standouts. This is how to choose the best rosehip oil from the rest!

  • If you must DIY your rosehip oil, then ensure that the rosehip seeds are fresh and cold-pressed right after harvesting them to guarantee potency and quality.
  • If you must purchase the best oil, then it must have pure amber appearance and rich in nutrients including vitamins.
  • The oil should not be thin but have a thick and smooth consistency.
  • Confirm the distinctive rosehip scent.
  • Emphasize on cold-pressed oil to ensure optimal mineral, vitamin content as well as potency and quality.

Whether you wish to hydrate your skin or want to target frustrating conditions like dryness, eczema, and scarring, rosehip is your best shot. Try this oil today for a host of skin benefits.

Written by Ashley Grace

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