14 Amazing Health Benefits of Myrrh Oil

Myrrh oil is extracted from myrrh resin; it is used in China as medicine since thousand years. The myrrh tree has knitted trunk and white flowers. It consists of terpenoids and eugenol which have antioxidant properties that cure many diseases. It has many health benefits like it has antioxidant, antiseptic, antitumor, antifungal, antibacterial and anaesthetic properties.

Herein are the Health Benefits of Myrrh Oil:

1. Myrrh oil for Oral Health:


Our mouth is a hotbed of bacteria which causes various illnesses. When we are ill, our mouth has shows the first symptoms. Research and studies suggest that it is a widely used natural remedy for gums and mouth diseases. And when blended with other essential oil like frankincense oil or clove oil it works wonderfully in treating oral diseases. Myrrh oil and perfume oil together have preservative properties.

2. Myrrh oil as an Expectorant:


Myrrh has an antibacterial and antimicrobial compound which fights against a cough, cold and all other kinds of viral infections. It works on respiratory system – clears the nasal passage and relieves the congestion and decrease a cough in the respiratory tract. It gives amazing results when blended with eucalyptus oil and applied on chest and back. You can also check the uses of myrrh oil.

3. Myrrh oil to fight against Cancer:


It has antioxidant properties which fight against free radicals and reduce the tumour cell. Blending with frankincense oil gives good results and has an effective synergistic partnership.

4. Myrrh oil as an Astringent:


It aids as astringent. It has many benefits like reducing the blood loss during any cut. It will contract the blood vessels and control the blood loss. It also contracts skin muscles and keeps the skin elastic and supple. IT strengthens the grip of gums on teeth and also of hair roots on the scalp.

5. Myrrh oil as an Antimicrobial:


We cannot see microbial, but they are everywhere, and if your immune system is weak you may catch the infection. It is useful in treating diseases like a cough and cold, measles, fever and food poisoning. It is natural medicine for all kind of microbes and does not have adverse effects like mainstream medicine.

6. Myrrh oil as a Carminative:


Myrrh oil comes in handy when you have gas trouble. Gas issues can cause weak appetite, headache, stomachache, low metabolic rate and tiredness and make you feel lethargic. Also sometimes it raises your blood pressure and causes chest pain. For all these issues, myrrh oil application and massage can be very helpful.

7. Myrrh oil as an Antiparasite:


Parasite infestation is difficult to treat; its treatment is little hard and gives a lot of discomforts. It can contribute to a certain extent treat parasite infestation because of its antiparasitic properties.

8. Myrrh oil as an Anti-Catarrhal:


It has antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties, due to which it is useful in treat congestion, heaviness and cough in the chest, breathing issues because of deposition of mucus. It clears the nasal passage and gives relief in breathing. You can inhale this oil deeply to avail its benefits or can take steam treatment with the oil.

9. Myrrh oil for a healthy skin:


It can soothe and heal the inflamed and cracked skin. It can also reduce the wrinkle and fine line from the face. It is used in many skin care cosmetics products.

10. Myrrh oil to improve blood circulation:


The oil can improve the blood flow and circulation so that your entire body gets the nutrients, oxygen, and functions to its best optimum level. It also increases the metabolic rate and helps to boost your immune system.

11. Myrrh oil for Wound Healing:


It contains the antimicrobial properties which help in healing the wound faster. It also eases out the pain and relieves inflammation. Apply typically till the wound is healed will not only treat the injury but will also remove the scar or mark.

12. Myrrh oil as a Tonic:


It is good for entire body functions; therefore it can be used as a tonic. It tones the organs of the body and makes them strong and protects from catching any infection and disease.

13. Myrrh oil to Relax the Muscle:


It is used to calm and relax the muscles. It is used all over the world for aromatherapy treatment. It is used as massage oil or can be inhaled or used for bath.

14. Myrrh oil as an Antispasmodic:


It is quite useful in muscle pain, cramps, aches and spasms and gives relief in contractions of muscles.

Word of caution:

Do not use in excess always use essential oils in moderation. Pregnant Ladies should not use the It, as it stimulates the uterus that can cause miscarriage.

Written by Ashley Grace

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