6 Amazing Uses of Coconut Oil for Face

Coconut oil for face is becoming highly popular. This tropical miracle has incredible therapeutic properties. There are very few beauty ingredients that we can say are cure-alls, but coconut oil comes among the top in the list. You can use it for almost everything from moisturizing to healing scars. Celebrities like Emma Stone, Shilpa Shetty count it among their most favored natural ingredients.

Besides being delicious and nutritious cooking oil, coconut oil consists of compounds that moisturize and feed the face. The scientific fraternity is finally looking up for numerous useful things this inexpensive oil has to offer. Coconut oil is truly a God’s gift for you; it works both inside and outside.

Here are some uses of coconut oil for face:

1. Coconut oil for face as a cleanser:


It is essential to deep cleanse our face often. There is no other part of our body which is exposed to so many chemicals, be it from dust on the air, makeup, or air pollution. Toxins just penetrate into our skin and clog them. Top of it, sitting in a room with the air conditioner on, dehydrates the skin and makes the skin of face dry and flaky. Coconut oil aids as a gentle, yet efficient cleanser. It exfoliates and smoothes the keratin caps. So, coconut oil is not only good for face, it is a Blessing for the whole body skin and the hair too. You can also look at various benefits of coconut oil for skin and the benefits of coconut oil for hair.

How to use coconut oil for face as a cleanser:

  • For dry to normal skin, mix coconut oil and milk to 3 Tbsp of almond flour to make a thick paste and rub on the face, massaging in a circular form. Dip a towel in hot water and put on the face for 15-minutes. Rinse first with Luke warm water, and then with very cold water to close the pores. Allow the face dry and then dab a sparing layer of coconut oil to seal in the moisture.
  • For oily skin, make a paste with coconut oil, rice flour, and you can also add a few drops of lemon oil to the mixture. Dip a towel in hot water squeeze and put on the face for 15 minutes, or you can give steam to face for 5 minutes. This process opens the skin pores and eliminates dirt accumulated on skin. Rinse up with warm water and herbal soap.

 2. Coconut oil for face as the moisturizer:


Coconut oil is the best moisturizer; the oil may be solid or liquid depending on the weather condition. It normally stays liquid in the countries where coconut grows. Solid coconut oil has a texture like petroleum jelly; Coconut oil melts down on the skin as you apply. It easily penetrates into the pores, moisturizing thoroughly and deeply. It moisturizes your complete body and there are numerous amazing benefits of coconut oil for skin.

How to use coconut oil for face as a moisturizer:

If your skin is dry and flaky, after washing, cleaning and drying, apply coconut oil on your face. Take ¼ teaspoon oil in hand and rub with the palms of both hands, then apply the oil on face and gently massage. Wait for 10 minutes for the oil to penetrate into the skin, and then wipe the excess oil with tissue paper or cotton towel.

Coconut oil for health and skin care

3. Coconut oil for face as an antibacterial:


The coconut oil has antibacterial compounds that protect the skin from potential infection and pathogens. The lauric acid in the oil aids as an antibacterial agent. In coconut oil, 85% of components is of MCT (Medium Chain Fatty Acid). The excess secretion of sebum is due to dehydration or hormonal imbalance, which causes whiteheads and blackheads. The whiteheads then become acne. By cleaning and moisturizing skin regularly with coconut oil, it can protect skin from bacterial infection. You can refer to how coconut oil is an amazing fighter for acne. Coconut oil for acne is a must read article if you are suffering from the problem of acne.

4. Coconut oil for face to reduce facial wrinkles:


Coconut oil can protect the youthfulness and smoothness of the face by allowing it to remain wrinkle-free. A protein called collagen in the interior of skin keep the skin smooth and elastic. With pollution, smoking exposes to UV rays and physical injuries can break down the elasticity of the skin. Regenerate of collagen is essential to counteract the skin breakdown. Coconut oil has the ability to repair collagen. So, coconut oil for acne is a boon along with its excellent benefits for wrinkles.

5. Coconut oil for face to protect from sunburn:


Coconut oil protects against the harmful sun-rays for a brief period. The U-V rays damage the skin. Also, it has a soothing and calm effect on damaged skin and reduces pain and inflammation.

6. Coconut oil for face as makeup remover:


Surprised? But yes, coconut oil may also help to remove makeup with ease and without traumatizing your skin, however, especially the area around the eye. The oil is a marvellous grease cutter; it is even better than, cosmetic anti-grease products.

How to use coconut oil for face as makeup remover:

  • Dab coconut oil all over the face with your fingertips or a cotton ball. Leave it on for 6 minutes and wipe or wash with Luke warm water and soap.
  • Keeping the eyes closed, put cotton balls or pads dipped in coconut oil on closed eyelids. In a minute or two, the oil will dissolve waterproof eyeliner and mascara, and then just gently wipe it off.

Coconut oil is not only a Blessing for humans but it is also a gift to dogs. Where it has numerous benefits for humans, for their face, skin and hair, it also helps in weight loss. Coconut oil for weight loss is an astounding gift along with its other benefits. Also, coconut oil for dogs will surprise you with its so many uses.

Written by Ashley Grace

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